I have always been the fat kid who did not take his shirt off. I was publically ridiculed by my peers and parents for being the chubby one. This led me to take up sports in a meaningful way when I got to high-school and I was no longer the fat kid. Years passed and after a divorce, I looked in the mirror one day and found myself being the fat kid again. 

It was time to make some lifestyle changes. Whilst unhappily married, I was the guy on the couch, watching sport with a beer in my hand. I remember standing in front of the mirror the day my divorce finally came through. By this time I had moved in with my parents and was miserable. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt like I was never going to climb out of the hole I was in. My divorce had left me physically and emotionally bankrupt. I did not like the figure that was looking back at me. I felt that deep inside of me, there was someone who still had a lot of life to give. - There and then, I made a pact with myself. 

I wanted my kids to be proud of their father, and if that was to happen, then I had better start with what I could control, 

namely my appearance. I had not run a mile in many years, but I walked straight to the cupboard, took out a pair of hardly used sneakers, laced them up and started running. I did not know where I was heading, but I knew that I was never going to be the guy on the couch again. 

I knew that if I could make my body change, then I would be able to get my head right too. I would get up at 4 in the morning, and I'd hit the road. They say that you should run when you're happy and you should run when you're sad. During the next few months, I started to inform myself about food. I signed up to a gym, because the running was starting to hurt my joints. 4 months after I had taken my 105Kg's for an uncomfortable waddle around the block, I had managed to drop down to 90Kg's. I had lost 20Kg's of fat (10x 2l cokes less to carry around) - What's more, I had gained a solid 5Kg's of muscle. 

Now, we've all done the Yo-Yo lifestyle, where we keep the fat clothes for when we ... (you guessed it) GET FAT AGAIN! 

The challenge that I set myself this time, was to get the pounds off and to keep them off. This is not the time for self-congratulation, but I think I have it figured out. Over the past years, I have not only maintained the weight, but I've leaned up and I feel great! My energy levels are high and I don't ever feel deprived (from food) 

Recently, I have been approached by my peers, wanting to give them advice on how to turn themselves around. While most are not in the same dire straights I found myself in a few years ago, many of my dear bro's have grown complacent with themselves. Years of beer and lethargy have started to show in the way they approach every day. The energy and old enthusiasm simply are not there anymore. My graduates are busy men and women and are not ready to dedicate themselves to extreme diets, not do they wish to spend hour upon hour in the gym. I have devised a program that allows you to make small incremental changes across various areas of life, namely Fasting, Feasting, Moving and Sleeping. These adjustments stack on top of each other and yield results that are literally quite staggering. 


The advice I give works for me and for many others. It is aimed at lifestyle, rather than being a gym/diet program. This is an open invitation for you to join the fray because I know you're not done yet! 









Vince Lombardi