"2020 - NOT-DONE-YET"



WELL DONE!! If you're reading this, it means that you're still on the path and that is a great thing. You've stayed the course and will soon be feeling the benefits. Know that they have already started inside you. Your health is improving. The way your body adjusts to the food you're consuming has changed for the better. - You may not feel it just yet, but there's a whole re-vamp going on in your body. 


The beauty about fasting is that you actually don't need to worry about anything, except NOT eating during your prescribed 16/8 fasting window. Less is more when it comes to fasting. Of course there are certain foods and supplements you can take, which don't activate your metabolism and are within the fasting parameters, but I want you to get used to not eating when you're not supposed to be eating. Stick with this, your body will thank you for finally allowing it to do some housekeeping, like getting rid of dead cells in your body etc (autophagy)


If you've been religious about the prescribed amount of carbs you're allowed to have (see week 3) then you're well on your way to becoming insulin sensitive again. It's time to re-introduce Carbs, because they're an integral part of any diet, and provide your with the glycogen your muscles need to do the work. 


During this, your final week pf phase 1, you'll take in up to 50 grams of carbs on non-workout days, and on workout days, you get a whopping 100grms. This will allow you to have both, a postworkout shake (to be consumed within half an hour of the end of your workout) as well as a secondary source of carbs. You've earned it... Enjoy!

PROTEIN - We still stick to the previous week's formula. You consume .8 grams of Protein on workout days, and .6 grams of protein (per lb of bodyweight) on non workout days.

FAT - As with the first 2 weeks, the FAT allowance is derived from the total amount of calories you have consumed from CARBS and PROTEINS, - Once deducted from your total allowance, there's a marginal reduction in the amount of fat you can consume. This translates to about 200 calories less from last week's fat allowance. 

Remember that a higher carb allowance will reduce the overall fat allowance. 

If you're using MyPlate and are entering your food intake, then a rule of thumb is to be around 500 calories in deficit after all the energy expenditure and food intake have been balanced by the program. 


Your PHASE 1 TRAINING SCHEDULE still applies. 

You train on Monday (Workout 4) Tuesday (Workout 3) Wednesday (Rest) Thursday (Workout 2) Friday (Workout 1) Saturday and Sunday (rest)

You should be beginning to feel comfortable in the gym and should know what to do with the prescribed exercises. We want you to rather do a few movements well, than  to be capable at hundreds of carrying movements, non of which you can really call "perfected" 


You'll be eating the carbs later in the day in order to maximise the effects of your naturally higher insulin sensitivity. 

On Non-workout days, have your carbs 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed. (10pm bedtime means that you have those at 6pm)

On workout days, you have your carbs after your workout. 

Your first meal of the day should consist of protein and fat and should ideally be consumed about 3 hours before your workout. Your next meal should be straight after the workout and all the allotted carbs should be eaten then. 


This is the last week of the first phase of the program. Every rep you do, every morsel you eat, serves as preparation for the next phase, so please, - stick with the program. Don't get loose (no donuts when nobody is watching) 

Next month, we're going to introduce a fun "eat whatever you want" day, that will spur your weightloss journey. - but we're still a few days away from that allowance. Stay the course. Train hard and don't forget to get sleep...