"2020 - NOT-DONE-YET"



Don't overthink... 

Happy Monday to you. So you’ve hit the third week of the 2nd phase of the program. I hope that you’re still focused and motivated enough to be making headway with the program. The course instructions, as they have been laid out for this part of the program, will be re-iterated in a summary soon, but I would like to add a few words of encouragement that may be the tipping point for getting you out of bed that little bit earlier, to actually go and do the work required. 


I have an app on my computer, called Rescue Time. At the end of the day, it will summarise the amount of time I spent online. It will tell me where I spent my time and I am sometimes shocked to discover how much time was actually spent in front of a screen.


I get that we live in a world that has adopted the laptop, PC, Pad or smartphone as a means of communication. We do get a sense of connectedness from checking in on Facebook etc. this has its place too. (My phone pinged me a few minutes ago, announcing that someone on a group that I follow, had found a pillion seat for my Harley, at a third of the price that the dealership would charge.) That’s an example of the online world translating into the physical world and it was to my benefit - progress was made. 


However, this comes with a caveat. There are days that I am amazed that my little app informs me of just how much time was spent in front of the computer, and I have relatively little to show for it. 


We’ve become a nation that lives in our heads. We think we’re doing the work, but at the end of the day, the only thing that stirs the world around us, is real life, action. - You can read that again or tweet it. 

You can read all you like about getting fit. You can read about eating right, but if you don’t actually translate the knowledge that you’ve accumulated into real-life action, you’ve actually done nada! - Sweet fanny Adams, as my mother would say. I am often approached about the finest minutiae of training and dieting. - Should the person eat carbs, and how many, before or after the gym and then follow it up with BCAA’s whilst… blah blah. This is all fine and good, but at the end of the day, some people spend so much time trying to work out what the perfect approach is, that they run out of time to actually go and do the work. 


To them, I want to say… Never mind if you haven’t found the perfect training split. Never mind if the Vegan Keto approach is not the ideal one for your blood type.


- Put some water in a bottle, lace up your shoes, and go sweat!

- end of the story.



If you do (only that), I can guarantee you that you will feel better. Our entire approach to life is governed by how we feel about what’s coming at us. You can literally rewire yourself and how you feel about what’s happening to you, by changing your physiology. This is why you need to take action. This is why you need to get your ass to the gym, or the pilates studio, or the hiking trail. You cannot change your life for the better by reading about it. 


So, as you cruise into this phase of the program, make sure that you’re armed with a water bottle and the intent to do something, even if it ‘ain't perfect. 

There are a million programs out there, each telling you that their way is the best. I would say that many of the programs, (except for the ones’ that tell you you can get ripped, just by thinking about it), actually will work. Do the work and you’ll feel better and then you’ll do more of the work and then you’ll feel even better. It’s a virtuous cycle into the light. 


I have chosen to recommend that you make improvements in different area’s of your life, because I know that these increments create a stacking effect. When you’re making adjustments that align your system, you create changes for the positive, - and it all starts with lacing up your sneakers to go find that sweat! 


You can’t afford NOT to. 

The week ahead...

As mentioned before, stick with your 16/8 fast/feed window. 

By now, if you’re bold and brave, you will be challenging your mind to abstain from food completely on a Monday. This is a way of coaxing you out of the comfort zone of over saturating your body with food. - Wanna build the mental muscle of discipline? - Try not eating for a day. I am often told that this is not ideal for building muscles. The gym bunny who consumes 8 meals a day and is walking around, looking like his ancestors came from a long line of watermelon farmers, will tell you that you can’t build 20 inch biceps by not eating for a day. 

I would argue that you’re building your mental muscles. Lean into something that’s not so easy and you’ll be better equipped to deal with life when it really does get tough. 


On a side note, - if you’re haveing a tough time, totally abstaining from food for a day, at least cut out the food until dinner time. 


If you took the liberty of your Sunday Cheat day, then your body should be charged with glycogen. You should have all the energy in the world to work out like a Trojan in the gym. When the time comes your you to be eating again, (like maybe Tuesday lunch-time), try steering away from blatant carbs. 

Use your caloric counter app and make sure that you’re hovering around 500 calories under your maintenance target. In this way you will continue to make steady progress towards your weight-loss goals. 


To summarise your recommended calories and macro breakdown:


Calories for Workout days - subtract 200 from your maintenance calories. (maintenance calories are the amount of calories you need to eat to maintain your current bodyweight. MyPlate will give you those)

Calories for non-workout days - subtract 600 calories.

Essentially, you're eating less during the week, but your cheat day makes up for this deficit and bumps your leptin levels back up. 


Workout days - consume 1grm per lb of lean body mass

Non-Workout days- consume 0.8 grms per lb on LBM


Workout days - consume 0.75 grms per lb of LBM

Non-Workout days - consume 0.3 grms per lb of LBM.



Try to stick to the schedule as outlined at the beginning of the month.


You should be working out on 4 days of the week.


I would recommend that you incorporate at least 3 days of resistance training because of the post-workout benefits of muscle repair. - but if the gym is not your jam, then that’s fine too. - Just make sure that you get out and sweat! Push through your comfort zone. 

Lastly, - stay active. Take the stairs. Take the kids for a walk. Play! Be physical and have fun. (when your body moves, your mood changes for the better) 

Weekly Content Plan

Accountability cuts both ways. I will show up if you do. To this end, let's address a few topics this week, that will help you get to the WHY of what you're doing. 





I will update the above every day and supply a link.