72 Day Challenge to a flat tummy

Thorsten EggertNov 23 · 5 min read

Days 33 and 34

If you’ve been following the workouts, then you’re probably smiling, because today is your well deserved day off.

There’s no need to move ALL the weights from one side of the gym to the other today ;)

If you’re like me, this doesn’t mean that it’s a day of total rest. As a parent, I am on a rescue mission to save your kids from wilting in front of their devices. We thought about going to the beach, but it looks like summer is still being its moody elusive self…

Let’s re-cap where you should be heading over the next 2 days.

Today, you still follow your 16/8 fasting window. If you’ve planned to take your kids to a market, then I suggest you have a black coffee, while everyone around you is munching croissants and sipping their latte’s. I have my collagen and MCT oil keto coffee right in front of me and it’s probably the main reason that I’m even able to string a sentence together right now. (this early on a Saturday)

If you’re out and about by the time your feasting window begins, there’s a basic rule of thumb that gets me through most culinary dilemmas. Steer away from breads and pastries. Find a good protein, like a bag of biltong, and supplement with something green. A Jackie Chan dumpling is not green and has to wait until tomorrow before it forms part of your friendly food arsenal.

We’re into phase 2 of the program and I have noticed that the structure of this program, ie the daily notes, is not conducive to just looking up your what foods are allowed etc. I will be launching the Thorfit website next week, where you will be able to click a link and quickly look up your food allowances or prescribed training schedule for the day. — something of a reference library with links.

Day 33

Fast — stick to your 16/8 window Feast — you know your caloric allowances and keep score with MyPlate (Would you like a video of me showing you how to work out your allowances?) Move — It’s your day off training — so kick back and enjoy the well earned rest Sleep — Small improvements to your sleeping environment — maybe source a deep sleep pillow that you’re going to order on next week’s Black Friday promo

Day 34

Fast / Feast — Cheat day…. Enjoy the process of going to Woolies and getting the foods you wish to inhale without remorse. Sunday is your cheat day and you’ve earned it. While you need not eat yourself to an absolute standstill, I do suggest that you eat your fill, because it makes Monday’s fast day that much easier. Move — Do Workout 4 Sleep — Be kind to yourself — Tomorrow is Monday, so go to bed an hour early. Try the meditation thing and see how it saves you from looping into the sunday blues. Don’t ruminate over endless to-do lists whilst lying in bed. Monday will be there soon enough and then it’s time to address these. Arnold Schwarzenegger had an approach that I liked. He maintained that it makes no sense to worry about those things that you can’t control, (because you can’t control them) and on the flip side, it makes no sense to worry about those things that you can control, (because you have them under control) — so close your eyes, don’t worry and sleep. Then when you wake, throw yourself at the world anew.

I am aware that it’s Saturday, and the family wants to bust out of the house and get to the market. Someone on the Challenge asked if they could just do cardio on the treadmill, instead of going through the tedious (to learn) circuit. — after all, running is still the most popular physical activity in the world, and the most common reason that people run, is to lose weight…

Cardio as your first line of defense against fat, is still the most widely prescribed and accepted form of “getting into shape”

— let’s just say that running for 60 to 90 minutes at a time, while not bad for you (at least you’re exercising), is not necessarily the best use of your training time.

Running is not the key to achieving a lean and muscular physique.

Long duration cardio may help in weight reduction, but it will not help you to achieve a great looking body. Yes, exercise burns calories, but not all exercises are created equal. The low-intensity long-duration cardio will help you to lose weight, but a significant percentage of that will be in the form of muscle. Weight training or high-intensity work will ensure that you are burins fat and not muscle. More importantly, your body continues to work long after your training session has ended. The process of muscle repair and subsequent growth will continue for 24 to 48 hours. Your metabolism remains cranked up, and your insulin levels are leading you to metabolize what you eat into muscle. This does not happen when you’re doing only cardio.

If you need your running fix, who am I to tell you not to get it, then I would recommend that you work some interval training into your routine.

You also may want to add extra collagen to your morning keto coffee.

My own knees packed up about a year ago. I was training for the Crossfit Open and went for my mandatory 3x per week 10km run. One day my knees just said:” No more” and after a visit to the Doc for an MRI, I was advised that I would have to have an operation to repair the meniscus on my knee. I had to cut out all forms of running, because my knees were perpetually sore. I googled various cures. I even found myself at a vet, buying a ridiculously expensive powder which is made for champion showjumping horses. It kinda worked, but it tasted horrible and I am no show pony. I started putting collagen into my morning and evening drinks. At first, there was an element of vanity, since I heard that it’s good for the skin. Then, last week, I hopped on the stair master and without even thinking about it, I managed to run for 45minutes, whilst doing intermittent sprints.

There was no pain at all, neither during the exercise nor after. WTF?!

I “blame” the collagen for my now healed knees and “glowing” complexion…

Include collagen in your diet. It’s like putting engine oil into your car. Things just run smoother. Less friction means less abrasion.

My kids are all dressed and we’re going to hit a climbing wall today, so I had better not be the dad who is glued to his own device while chiding his own kids to get off theirs.

Enjoy your day off from the eating regime. Enjoy the process. Get uncomfortable, because it’s the only way that you’re going to grow.

This is a mental challenge as much as it is a physical one.

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