72 day “Lose the gut Challenge” - make sure your sleep is your friend...

Day 29

Good morning to you. This instalment may go out a little later. You see, someone is coming over to shoot some video today. We’re putting up a You Tube channel, so that we are able to build a reference library. I am not quite sure how things will work in front of the camera, but I guess it’s about getting used to things and then just doing them consistently.

It’s about starting with your training wheels, not being afraid to mess up, and then just doing it. I know it sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but sometimes we don’t see the wood for all the trees. 

How’s the tummy today? Your fast should be coming to an end by lunch time today. I have to admit that Monday’s are hard for me. Around bed time, I am quite hungry and this makes me wired. The brain is wide awake and I find myself lying awake for a while. To address this, I’ve had to literally plan how I am going to fall asleep. Here’s what I do…

I remove myself from any devices or screens at least an hour before bedtime. If you’re in the habit of watching an action movie in bed, don’t wonder why you can’t find the keys to dreamland. Your brain processes what it is exposed to and if dreamland involves car chases and buildings exploding… you get the idea…

I meditate for 10minutes. I follow Sad Ghuru’s meditation called Isha Krya. Meditation is one of those misnomers that I can’t quite put my finger on. When I don’t meditate, my monkey mind is very active. Normal worries relating to money, sick children and other chatter, push themselves to the forefront of the mind, and sleep remains elusive. When I DO make the effort to be calm, my days just have a better. Thoughts re clearer and things make more sense. I’m not going to get all woo-woo about the universe and chakra’s but let’s just say this shit works. You don’t need to understand electricity to have the benefit of light in the house.

Lastly, I can give you the tip of a latte drink I make. This flies in the face of the fasting window, but I have found that the benefits of a good night’s sleep outweigh the empty tummy. The drink I’ve concocted has a scientific base to it. It works!! I’ve gone to bed on it and it has felt like the sandman arrived with a whole dumpster of sand to off-load. 

Here’s the recipe

  • 1 Table spoon of collagen

  • 1 serving of Whey protein

  • 1 table spoon of hot white hot chocolate

  • 1 serving of MCT oil or powder

Boil some water, and combine the ingredients in a blender. Blend until turns into this frothy creamy delicious night time comfort drink. Pretend you’re 5 years old and mom just brought you your milo. Climb into bed, and read something while you sip away. I promise you, you will struggle to get past the first 5 pages of your book. - 

Also remember not to operate heavy machinery whilst under the influence of your sleep latté.

Sleep is a really misunderstood part of your health regime. Dieting spikes and extends the half life of Cortisol. Cortisol is a catabolic agent - poor sleep directs the catabolic effect towards lean muscle mass. The Cortisol levels are high in people who are malnourished, stressed out and … (you guessed it) don’t get enough sleep. Bottomline… If you want to get lean and buff, you need to keep these levels low. 

I was asked a question relating to training and eating. The person was concerned that he was working out in the morning, and was not getting any food into his system until midday. His trainer questioned the sanity of staying hungry and unfed for such a long time. Sometimes it’s OK to bend the rules slightly. You’re looking to retain some of that hard earned muscle mass, so if you’re training that morning, I suggest that you have some BCAA’s upon rising. When you go to gym, fill your water bottle with another measure of BCAA’s as well as Creatine. Work out like a madman/woman, and when you get back from the gym, it’s ok to have some Whey Protein and water. - Still, you should wait until your 8 hour feeding window before you start chewing the food. The protein rich drinks may be in the grey zone of the prescribed food, but they are hardly catabolic, meaning that they will not kick you out of the fasting benefits, nor will they compromise your calorie restrictions, you’ve worked so hard to adhere to. 

There’s an old adage called the Post Workout window of opportunity. During the first hour after training, your muscles absorb nutrients at twice the rate, compared to not having trained. In short, a little protein supplementation will not hurt. 

In closing, - you have your workouts and your eating plan for the next 25 days. If you operate within the parameters of what’s allowed, you will make progress. This is not a gym challenge, nor is it a dieting plan. Instead, the magic lies in making incremental changes across different area’s of your life. Yes, meditation can contribute towards those HAWT abs…

Chat tomorrow

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