72 Days to a flat tummy, getting your kids outta the house and how to shop for supplements…

Day 36

Happy hungry Tuesday morning!! How’s the tummy on this fasted Tuesday morning? If it’s anything like mine, you’re probably rearing to plan that first meal since Sunday evening. I am too. This morning, I steer clear of the normal vitamins, ‘cos they can make me really nauseous when the tummy is empty. A cuppa keto coffee with some MCT and butter will mollify (is there even such a word?) the tummy lining until it’s time to pour some nutrients down there.

It’s my eldest daughter’s 15th birthday today, so we’re heading out to her favorite pizza joint later. Amazing how quickly they grow up to become little adults. They’re growing into a world that is different to the one we grew up in. At her age, I was careering around the neighborhood on a bike, hanging out at the local cafe, catching games of Pacman, whilst munching on a blue crunchy bar that cost 10 cents. Their world is bigger and smaller at the same time. They are hooked into the web and their knowledge, even at that age, spans the gambit from issues like gender inequalities, right along to wondering what Kim Kardashian will be wearing at the next Instagram awards ceremony. While all that is flashed in front of their screens on a daily basis, their world, the real one, has also shrunk. The lure to get out is not so strong. Times have changed. It’s just not safe for young people to be hanging around at the neighborhood cafe. As a parent, I am trying hard to keep the balance. If your fingers get sore from thumbing a screen, then I want your feet to acknowledge that there’s moving to be done. Our solution is to make exercise as important as screen time. I don’t know how many times I have sat myself into a room full of screen thumbing kids, only to completely outshone by a YouTuber.

My answer here, is to pack them in a car, and literally go walk them. If you’ve suffered from a bit of disconnect with your teenager, I suggest that you force them to go on a little walk. You can sidle up to them, (be aware that the first few minutes away from the phone can be traumatic for a teenager), and then you can engage them in a chat and that is simply grand. At that age, their bodies are still pliable and I would urge you to find a form of physical exercise that they can get into. Your gift to them should be to nurture a love for some physicality. Their bodies need the movement, and so do their spirits.


I was listening to Joe Rogan interviewing a guy on his podcast yesterday, and the chap spoke about nutrition and proposed that supplements are complete BS, saying that one need only eat the right foods and one would be totally covered from a nutritional standpoint. This is fresh in my mind, so I’d like to touch on that for a second.

We love supplements when they do what they claim, and without the convenience of protein drinks, meal replacements, vitamins and the occasional protein bar, many people would struggle to reach their goals, given the demands of our busy lives. On the other hand, many supplements are just downright crap. They are filled with half of what the label says and who only knows what the rest of it is. Many of the companies have shady marketing tactics, and Photoshop has become their go-to when explaining how a product is the answer to all one’s health issues. Having said this, when chosen correctly, supplements can get you to your health and fitness goals more quickly. I recommend that you look for companies that are certified GMP’s, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. With this rating, you are sure to be getting what the label says. — and nothing it doesn’t say.

You can find the stamp on the back, next to the ingredients or on the front. Manufacturers that have this stamp, want to boast about it, so you’ll see the label. Supplements occupy an ambiguous space, where they can’t always be regulated, which is why some claim to let you walk on water and occasionally get into trouble for inserting ingredients that are not on the label. By definition, the GMP certification is pure, because they took the long road in getting the thumbs up on quality. — make sure the government has approved and tested them.

Also, you won’t easily find these products in just any chemist — and with good reason: those products need to sell at a certain price, to be acceptable to the masses. As a result, these are watered-down versions. The quality supplements become very expensive when sold through middle-men. The solution is for them to cut out the chemist and sell direct to consumers. As a result, they are able to infuse their products with the proper doses needed for the products to get the results for muscle, strength, power, fat loss, and energy.

Your decision to take or skip supplements will not break your body, but they can be the difference-maker.

There are very few supplements that will give you an edge. Here are some which WILL WORK….

Protein Powder

Protein is one of the cornerstones of a good diet, as it provides the building blocks for your body to grow.

Now there is nothing magical about protein, other than the fact that most people don’t get enough of it in their diets. If you’re looking for a high-quality protein, make sure that it digests at different speeds. (read the label)

If you only have the cash to supplement one product, then this is your go-to.

Greens Drink

We should all be taking a multivitamin. Most multi-vitamins in a bottle have ingredients in them that just aren’t absorbed by the body. This is why it’s better to take a green juice, derived from fruits and vegetables. These juices protect your gut health, improve your immune system and help ward off diseases.

Try finding one which contains spirulina, wheatgrass and moringa.

Fish Oil

A quality fish oil will decrease inflammation, improve recovery, improve mental acuity, improve your sex drive and make your skin look better.

Just get the stuff and you’ll be better off for it.

Vitamin D

We don’t get enough sunlight. About 40% of men don’t get enough vitamin D. Low levels of the D are linked to cancer, heart attacks and depression. People with high Vitamin D have lower body fat. It helps you to produce more leptin, which as explained in previous editions, will make you feel fuller, thus eating less. Vitamin D reduces your cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone you want to remove if you want to shed fat.


Today is the only time that you may feel a little flat if you’re training in the morning. It’s not because you’re starved, but rather because your body may be in the process of switching over to a keto state. During keto, you burn fat instead of glycogen. When your body changes lanes in what it consumes for energy, you can experience a slight energy slump. If you find the workout to be ridiculously difficult, then you can either have your first meal and train later, or you can just grind out the workout on an empty tummy, which is optimal for burning the fat. Be sure to take a post-workout shake though. By now your body is like a sponge and the extra protein will be sucked up and put into the right places.

The cheat day/fast day combination is a way of taking one step back, so you can take 2 steps forward. I sometimes shudder to see that I have gained 2Kg’s on a Monday, but by Tuesday, I’m 3Kg’s lighter, having lost a whole Kg during the fast.

Wishing you a fabulous Tuesday, all!!

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