72 Days to a flat tummy, — how to deal with a day of fasting…

Day 35 — Monday

Are you rearing to dive into the week, or are you experiencing a sense of trepidation? Monday’s can be quite hard, because not only are you laden with the to-do lists which, on Sunday, while you’re stuffing yourself with ice cream, seem to be very far away. It’s amazing how those to-do lists gain a voice of their own when there is no food to comfort one through the process. Ladies and gentlemen, I present your with you FAST DAY.

I am proud to report that I took my Cheat day quite seriously. I was able to steadily munch my way to through the day, so that when I finally slammed the freezer door, having eaten ALL the ice cream and being mildly disgusted with myself, I hit the pillow very hard.

Today’s fast is needed to reset the system. The only thing that I can battle with, is when I take vitamins on the stomach which is now going to be empty until lunchtime on Tuesday. I can be prone to bouts of nausea. In those cases, a small square of white bread, actually does the trick. Yes, you are breaking your fast, but it’s better than getting sick. — and nausea passes — just don’t start eating again.

We’re into week 2 of phase 2.

There are training components as well as nutritional components that are unique to this challenge’s phase 2.

Fast — Monday is your system reset fast day. Yesterday may have been about supersaturating your body with not so good for you food (one step back) , but today it’s time to take 2 steps forward.

Unless you’re deep into a keto state already, your body’s primary source of energy is glucose, which you get from all the carbs you ate yesterday. Grains, fruits, sweets convert into glucose which is stored in the liver and muscles and then released into the bloodstream for energy.

After about 8 hours of not eating, your body will use the last of its glucose reserves. At this point, the body enters into a state of gluconeogenesis, marking the body’s transition into fasting mode.

Studies have shown glycogenesis increases the number of calories the body burns. With no additional calories being consumed, the body will begin to create its own glucose, which is derived mostly from fat reserves.

Eventually, the body will run out of these energy sources as well, and fasting mode can be starvation mode, but you’re not in danger of this. The caloric restrictions placed on your system may have started slowing your metabolism down, but that’s why we have a cheat Sunday so that your body is never allowed to slump into a metabolic slowdown.


What do you have on fast day?! — You’re allowed up to 3 Keto coffee’s today.

A spoon of MCT oil, a spoon of collagen, a spoon of butter and a spoon of coffee, blended for 15 seconds makes a delicious fasting companion. The energy you get from the coffee and the oil, makes sure that you have a gradual and consistent energy curve. You’re not going to crash. So when 3pm arrives and you’re telling yourself that you simply have to eat, because you’re feeling sorry for yourself and life is hard, reach for your thermos, and pour yourself a cuppa fasting goodness and know that you’ll be just fine.

Now when it comes to the evening, I will give you some respite. Sometimes, by the time Monday evening arrives, and nothing has been eaten all day long, the tummy may sound like your neighbors 2 stroke scooter…. not even allowing your better half any shut-eye…

When this happens, you may make yourself an evening latte…

The latte is your friend. It has less than 50 calories (half a slice of toast) and it pours oil on the turbulent waters that is your hunger. On fast days, I recommend you make the latte with only water. Milk is catabolic, meaning that your body’s metabolism is activated when it is digesting milk, so stick to water. In due course, I will give you a reference library of recipes, but since it’s monday and we’re winging it… here’s how you make your deep sleep latte

Add a spoon of mct oil, chocolate chai, collagen and whey powder together. Boil some water and blend. You can add some cinnamon to taste.

This drink will not only set you up for great sleep, but it will pour some oil on that restlessness brought about by an empty tummy.


If you ate as if you were being paid for it, then you will be charged with energy. Your muscles are full of glycogen. Capitalise on this by giving that extra effort in the gym. Today is Cardio day, so why not hit play on your favorite audiobook or podcast, and do some steady cardio. Aim for 45minutes. If the podcast is any good, you will find that time flies by quickly. You may think that I’m contradicting myself after telling you that cardio is not as good as weight training, but remember that you’re burning calories and this stokes your metabolism. As much as one can get frustrated by the overblown claims regarding slow cardio, one can get just as pissed at the experts who say that there’s no place for this type of physical activity. These people claim that you get the same benefits from weight training, swinging kettlebells, surfing or having sex, that you get from long distance cardio. In other words, they’re just as ill-informed as the cardio lovers.

The fact of the matter is, there are benefits from running that you cannot get from anything else — such as getting better at running. While the exercises mentioned are good for fat loss, if properly used and programmed correctly, longer, slower bouts of cardio can be used not only to help fat loss, but to support recover and blood flow and to enhance the program as a whole. And it’s a whole lot better than just sitting on your ass.

Short bursts of high intensity exercise are fantastic. But they have limitations, because intensity is a relative term and apply to the individual. Most of us are relatively untrained and if you tell them to sprint flat out for 30 seconds, it’s just going to take all the fun out of the workout. In other words, high interval sprinting prescriptions are great in theory, but need to be applied cautiously. This applies to HIIT to biking, running and even interval weight training. This is why a balanced approach is great and at the end of the day, know that keeping your body in motion for extended periods of time is GOOD FOR YOU.

As I type this, my own tummy has just announced that it wants to be part of my day. That’s ok, because I am not associating hunger and deprivation with the empty tummy feeling, but rather, I know that I am training my head as well as my body to lean into some discomfort because I know that I’m doing a good thing for the long run. — Kinda like life. Do the hard things, and the rest becomes easier.

Wishing you an awesome Monday.


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