72 Days to the end of the Decade…Lose the Gut Challenge…(even Superman)

Day 16

Happy Hump day! — So you’ve survived your first full Fasting day. Some have expressed that it was quite challenging to abstain from food completely. Some felt quite drained. I understand this, having been through similar energy slumps. — let me explain… The body gets its energy, mainly from Carbs, which in the end, is a form of glycogen, or sugar, or it gets its energy from fats.

When you are on a carb restricted diet, the body has no alternative, but to turn to fat to get its energy. Without going into the micro science here, let’s just say that the body uses more energy to turn fat into energy, which is a good thing. Once turned on, fat is a wonderful source of energy. Ask any Eskimo, merrily chomping away at a piece of whale fat.

When a westerner, who is raised on sugar for energy, turns to fat for energy, this changeover, may just result in a little rasping of gears. You may experience some sluggishness while your body is getting used to being in a keto state.

Also, know that I’m not looking for you to stay in a keto state from hereon in. We subscribe to a more “low-carb” approach, because there’s simply too much sugar around us, to get away from it completely.

  1. What’s more…. This shit works…

The weight is dropping off

After 14 days on the program, men are reporting a 5 to 7kg drop in weight, whilst the girls dropped around 4Kg. — That’s impressive by any means, and to top it off, many of you are commenting about how good your skin is, how clear your brains are… — IN short… it’s not half bad to tip the metabolism into keto/hunting mode for a change. Be more cave-man/woman from time to time.

There are 3 Phases to this Challenge. Each phase will ask for a slightly different approach to training, eating and even fasting. The best way to see if you’re on track, is to consult our “table of contents” — sent yesterday. I will try to include the link at the end of every section.


During Phase 1, we started you off on a zero carb schedule, so that we could re-set your insulin sensitivity. — But what’s the use of making your system more sensitive to insulin if you’re not going to take advantage of it.

— so I’m going to encourage you to have a max of 75grams of carbs per day during the next week.

As you go into week 4, you’re allowed 100 grams.

Pop your values into the MyPlate app and you will see that the carbs accumulate quickly. Stay within the prescribed amounts and you’re golden.


If you look at the schedule, then you’ll see that today is an off day as far as exercise is concerned. If you find that you’re busting to hit the gym and build up a sweat, I would recommend that you do some cardio. Put your headphones on, and settle in for a good 45minutes on the bike/treadmill/poisonofchoice…

Cardio is like turning the fat burners a little higher. Cardio makes your eating schedule more forgiving. It gives you some margin for error. We’re heading into a season where it’s just not that easy, eating according to plan all the time. Staff parties and other social occasions can mess you up with barrages of finger foods and tempura… — but if you keep an eye on your calories and carbs, all you really need to do if you’re over the allotted amounts is, you guessed it… go sweat! On a side-note, I’m a little jealous. I probably have to take the week off until my cough is gone… You’re lucky if you’re able to work out, so revel in it.

Wishing you an amazing day…


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