72 Days until the end of the decade, and 72 days to lose the gut challenge…

Day 21

Good morning and Happy Monday.

How was your Sunday Cheat day? — I hope you had that extra cookie yesterday. — Cos today is another day where you get to eat a whole bunch of nothing. Today is when you do a system re-reset by eating nothing at all. You’re giving your body a break.

I find Mondays have the potential to be quite tough. My kids go back to school and then to their mom. Essentially, I sit home alone for the day, because the house is empty. I have noticed that food has often been my entertainment, Much of what we do revolves around the occasion that is the making of it. We get busy with the making of meals and this is a large part of our To-Do list.

When you just remove food altogether for the day, you also remove the hold that it has over you. Just be tough and unbending. You know you’ve eaten too much yesterday, as you should have, but the rub was that you are not going to touch food today.

If you need to consume something that is mildly metabolic, then turn to your morning coffee with MCT oil. You need not actually take it for the sake of the energy curve. Having eaten extra yesterday, your muscles should be filled with glycogen and you should have a whole bunch of energy to access.

While I advocate taking a Keto coffee, I should add that I keep it in reserve for when my energy levels are beginning to dip.

You can have up to 3 coffees a day, so pace your consumption according to how hungry you are.

I would encourage you to keep feeding the brain with information which is going to bolster you and keep you from falling off the wagon. You will find that your system wants to switch over into ketosis. One of the great proponents ketosis and explains why ketones are to be seen as a fourth macronutrient. ie an energy-containing molecule.

If you’re on your way to work, give this podcast a try… You’ll learn a lot about that state of ketosis which has become the holy grail of dieting of late.



Do you know Ghrelin?

Do you know Ghrelin?

I asked twice because I could imagine your head tilting sideways in a non-plussed manner. — I also know that I knew nothing about this little hormone until it became impossible not to know about it.

You see, if you get hungry today, it’s probably that little Ghrelin Gremlin who is creating some havoc in your system…

Ghrelin is produced in the brain, kidneys and pituitary gland. — when it’s made in the system, it means one thing…. “Snack attack”

Ghrelin both induces hunger and is produced by it. Your stomach produced it when it’s empty and it makes you feel hungry. They call it a TRAINABLE hormone because it will follow your eating schedule. When your system knows its time to feed, then you begin to produce it.

The less frequently you eat, the less chance Ghrelin gets to turn your tummy into its personal playground. You’ve probably seen bodybuilders who subscribe to eating at least 6 small meals a day. — believe me, you do not want to copy these poor hungry souls. — The moment one meal has passed into their systems, they get hungry for the next meal.

Research published in the American Journal of Human Biology found a direct link between a lack of sleep, overeating, and obesity. Many people think the reason less sleep leads to more eating is that when you sleep less, you’re awake longer; the more hours you’re up, the more time you have to eat. The real reason is that a lack of sleep impacts hormone levels and brain functioning in a way that pushes you toward more foods — and in particular the crap you should avoid. It’s a three-pronged attack designed to make you fat.

When you don’t sleep enough:

1. Cortisol levels rise, which activates reward centers in your brain that make you crave food.

2. You produce more ghrelin and it’s harder to decrease the levels, meaning you feel hungry all the freaking time.

3. The lack of sleep and higher levels of ghrelin appear to make you more likely to grab for dessert foods and fattening sugary snacks. While cheat foods will have their place, the goal is for you to eat them when you want — not because your brain creates a desire that you can’t resist. But that’s exactly what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. When researchers from Columbia University used MRI testing on sleep-deprived participants, they found that the areas of the brain that desire junk food was more activated with less than six hours of sleep.

Here’s how to prevent high ghrelin:

• Ensure enough sleep.

• Avoid eating too much sugar.

• Don’t eat too often.

• Eat more protein.

• Practice intermittent fasting.


Before you lie in a tub of Melatonin or get prescription medicines, try using HONEY AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Mondays in bed can be challenging because your tummy is talking to you. Here’s a tip that may offer some respite from the tummy grumbles.

My go-to tranquilizer beverage is simple:

2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg brand) and 1 tablespoon honey, stirred into 1 cup of hot water.

I learned this from the late and great Seth Roberts, PhD. Some of his readers also noticed large and immediate strength improvements in exercise after a few days of using this pre-bed cocktail.

Don’t worry about not being in ketosis due to the honey. If you really have not eaten during the day, then the honey will be extremely helpful in getting you into dreamland.

Happy Monday again. — Small food for thought… — What’s the one thing you would like to do this week, that would have you looking back on the week as a success? — Perhaps you want to write that one action/task/goal down on a sticky pad, and place it in front of you. Do That, and watch how the rest of your week just becomes easier.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about oestrogen and some more sleep pointers…

I hope you rock the week!



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