72 Days until the end of the decade, and 72 days to lose the gut challenge…

Day 18

Happy Friday to you. We have 9 days left in Phase 1 of your program. We find ourselves eating differently and training, as well as getting the benefits of extra sleep and intermittent fasting. These improvements all stack upon each other and the transformations have been very impressive, to say the least.

For us to continue to make improvements, we need to make a few small changes when we go into the next phase of the program. I will talk you through your caloric requirements and the subsequent breakdown of your Makro’s.

The greatest change is going to come from your training density. To calculate your training density, you look at volume and duration. Volume is your total workload, ie how many reps and sets you to perform during a workout. Duration concerns the length of your workout. Training Density is the measure of how much work you do in a given time frame. During this heightened density, you aim to do progressively more work during your allocated gym session. — In short… we’re going to increase the workout rate during our next phase.

Other Training Methods

The aim of this program is not to get you to sign up for a life-long gym contract, although I would encourage you to develop a life long love affair with your body and maintaining its health. I’d like you to make these changes to your lifestyle and keep them. (It’s not what you do some of the time, but what you do most of the time, that affects you in the long run)

Are you active, or are you a bit of a couch potato? I’d like to challenge you to get off the couch and go and commit to an extra form of active rest.

“But I’m barely keeping up with the workouts and now you want me to go sweat even more?” — Actually, you’re right! It’s exactly what I want you to do.

I want you to attend a yoga class. — preferably hot yoga, if there is such a thing nearby. Don’t’ roll your eyes. — There’s a method in my madness and the benefits are many.

Yoga is good for your mind. You don’t have to join a cult to feel how good it is for you. The mere act of following some gently administered instructions has a calming effect on the nerves because it drowns out the constant chatter of our monkey minds.

Most of us would benefit hugely from a stretching regime. I used to have a party trick when I was younger. I could bust out into the splits at a moment’s notice. (Yes, a few beers would oil the limbs) That was then. If I did that nowadays, I would probably tear myself in half. The re-introduction of a stretching regime does wonders for keeping you supple. A supple body is a youthful body. The way you move affects the way you think, — you get my drift.

Yoga forces you to take control of your breath. When you focus on your breath, you are existing in the present, and that’s a wonderful place to be. We live in our heads and are constantly speculating into the future, or reminiscing about the past. Do yoga, breathe, and your connection to the world around you will make you grounded.

Yoga means “Yolk” — When you assume the yolk of a yoga practice, you’re taking on the commitment to “suffer” through a session. Yoga need not be for sissies, because it’s up to each individual to push themselves as much or as little as they see fit during a session, but it will teach you to finish what you started.

It’s a great way to do something with your spouse. The act of doing something alongside your partner has a great “system re-set” quality to it.

Lastly, — Get out of your comfort zone. Do something new, and you’ll thank me that you did.

Have you ever wondered why Yogi’s seem to defy age? Yoga encourages the production of GH, also know as Growth Hormone… — so let’s touch on this for a second.

This powerful yet understated hormone is often considered the fountain of youth, as doctors and antiaging clinics prescribe it readily to help combat old age.

GH and testosterone work best together, meaning that each is very potent individually, but when present together, the impact is decidedly more prominent and beneficial. GH has been shown to have the greatest physical impact on burning fat and increasing longevity. But what’s even more useful is what GH does to help your body function more efficiently and effectively. When you have more GH circulating in your system, you’re able to make better use of protein and build more muscle. You’re also able to improve the quality of your sleep and speed healing and recovery. Like the name would imply, GH improves the growth of your cells — it helps grow muscle mass, strengthen your bones, reduce the pressure on your liver, and maybe most understated, protect your immune system. Increasing your GH is one of the best ways to fight off disease and stay healthy.

If you want to increase your GH levels, do more of this:

• Sleep more.

• Fast during the morning.

• Improve sleep quality.

• Lift heavier weights.

• Supplement with BCAAs.

• Eat big before bed.

• Perform sprints (10– 30 seconds are best).

• Do high-intensity metabolic resistance training (30– 40 minutes max).

• Don’t eat fat before a workout.

• Don’t eat too many calories before exercise.

and take up a yoga practice…

The weekend looms large, enjoy!

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