72 Days until the end of the decade, and 72 days to lose the gut challenge

Day 11

Happy Friday! How were the Halloween festivities? If you have small kids, as I do, you may have found yourself begging for sweets in a security estate… My kids proudly presented their bags of loot and proceeded to get “lit up” from the incumbent sugar rush. There was a moment when I shook my head, wondering why kids were so addicted to the sweet stuff. It only took an extra moment for me to realize that I was as much of a culprit as they were. You see, I had poured some sneaky Vodka into a cycling water bottle, and was sipping away merrily. So while the kids were “sugaring” their way up the slopes of the estate, I was doing the same thing, the only difference being that my sugar came from alcohol.

Consume less Sugar

When it comes to sugar, two adages will help you determine how to navigate your consumption: When you want to eat it, remember that a little can go a long way. When you’re wondering if you’ve had too much, remember everything in moderation. For us, moderation tends to mean one day a week when you binge on the stereotypical “bad” sugars. Otherwise, it’s best to limit sugars for the very reasons you expect — they’re not good for your health, and they make you fat. But too much sugar can also punish your sex life. Sugar plays a dangerous role with insulin. Specifically, taking in too much sugar on a consistent basis increases insulin resistance.

As you know, you don’t want to be insulin resistant; in addition to all the negative attributes we’ve already described, insulin resistance impairs vasodilation — otherwise known as blood flow — by clogging your artery walls. That decrease in blood flow is all it takes to potentially cause health problems in your nether regions. And no one wants problems down there. In terms of sugars that are okay, you don’t need to spend much time stressing about fruits. Instead, watch out for all the hidden sugars in packaged foods, and be wary of taking in too much dried fruit or juice. I wouldn’t recommend having either more than once or twice a week and just a serving at that. You’d be surprised what one glass of juice per day could do to your blood sugar levels.

I am due to watch my little people at their Sports Day today, so please forgive the abridged format today. We’re going to jump right into the 2nd part of the 2nd workout.

Part 2 of workout 2

This workout routine forms part of yesterday’s workout. Ideally, you should combine yesterday’s workout with the one to follow. Some people may not be that familiar with gym and this environment, which is why we’re taking our time to explain the workout. As mentioned before, it may be a good idea to get a trainer for a session or 2, just to explain the form of the movements…

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing — 30 to 45 seconds

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXZDs1foICk Grab a kettlebell with both hands with an overhand grip and hold it in front of your waist at arm’s length. Set your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your lower back slightly arched, bend at your hips and knees, and lower your torso until it forms a 45-degree angle to the floor. Now swing the kettlebell between your legs. Keeping your arms straight, thrust your hips forward, straighten your knees, and swing the kettlebell up to chest level as you rise to standing position. Reverse the movement and swing the kettlebell back between your legs again. That’s 1 rep.

Perform 3 sets of Kettlebell Swings, resting 2 minutes between each. After your last set, rest

Push-Up 12 to 15 reps


Get on all fours, and place your hands on the floor slightly wider than and in line with your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders. Squeeze your abs as tight as possible and keep them contracted for the entire exercise. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor, making sure that you tuck your elbows close to the sides of your torso. Pause, then push yourself back to the starting position.

Jump Squat — 10 reps


Dip your knees in preparation to leap. Explosively jump as high as you can, while keeping your hands behind your head as you jump. When you land, immediately squat down and jump again.

Plank 30 secs

(see a previous explanation of this movement)

Perform the above in a circuit fashion, resting no more than 15 seconds between exercises.Perform 2 circuits, resting 30 seconds between circuits.

There are 2 more workouts to cover this week, and then you’ll have all the information you need to train during the first phase.

I had a look at the overall structure of what we’re doing, and this challenge can be broken into 3 parts.

Phase 1 = Day 1 to day 24 Phase 2 = Day 25 to day 47 Phase 3 = Day 48 to 72

Each phase is designed with a slightly different purpose. We’re approaching this scientifically and addressing specific hormones through diet and training.

Each phase has you training in a different way, even though the actual exercises will be quite similar. While there are a gazillion variations, of exercises, the truth is that you only need about 3 to 5 versions to build an incredible physique. — but you have to develop a high level of proficiency within those chosen exercises. Rather get a few basic exercises really right, and then ad your variations from there.

It’s easy to understand that in order to develop a high-level golf game, the aspiring golfer needs to spend his hours (10,000 according to Malcolm Gladwell) practicing his backswing… You need to set yourself up in a similar way when you hit the gym. Do a few basic exercises, but do them RIGHT!

Tomorrow, I’m going to address the approaching CHEAT DAY, I will furnish you with the remaining excercises for phase 1 and we may talk booze, so you know how to navigate the World Cup Rugy

Have an awesome day y’all

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