Insulin resistance and your workout split

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Day 2 of 72

Good morning. I hope you’ve got your pics stored away, and that you’re getting used to having your coffee without milk and sugar. We’re addressing this process on various fronts. When you combine fasting with a high protein, low carb eating plan and then still throw in cardio and weights, you WILL see results. All you need to do, is stick to the plan. If you fall off the wagon, just hop right back on. The results will come.

Food Tip #2

We’ve established when not to eat. Now we need to look at what you’re going to eat during this time. A high carb/sugar diet relies on energy spikes caused by the availability of sugar from your food. The problem with this, is the drop in energy after the carbs. Most of us know that tired feeling after a lunch sandwich. Some delicious carb meals (pizza etc) will knock you down faster than a Tyson uppercut. Anyone who’s ever been on a low-carb diet can tell you that eating carbs crashes your insulin and makes you tired. Once in a while is not much of an issue, but the frequency with which you do this can be dangerous. If your insulin is spiking and crashing all over the place every single day, you’ve got a problem. You’re going to cause something called insulin resistance, which is the opposite of what we want – insulin sensitivity. With insulin resistance your insulin is chronically high, which means your body is primed for fat storage. You might not think this is your issue, but the standard diet includes about 300 grams of carbs per day. And if you enjoy a bagel for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner, and some crackers and fruit as snacks throughout the day, then you’re already near the danger zone. And that doesn’t even account for sweetened drinks.

Insulin resistance isn’t just inconvenient; it’s downright dangerous. Obviously we’re worried about fat loss and muscle. But there’s also a direct relationship between insulin and failing health – including obesity and diabetes. Do you want to be fat, ugly, and diabetic?

Of course not. No one does.

Once your body gets used to accessing its energy from your stored and consumed fat, you’re officially in a state of ketosis. It’s quite difficult to stay in a state of ketosis. A drink can throw you out. We want to live a little too, so I am going to recommend that you subscribe to a low carb version. This means that whenever possible, you remove the carbs from your meal. Make sure that you’re having a protein and greens with every meal. It’s really that simple. Don’t only eat protein. Greens are the transport system for your proteins and other micro nutrients. – so eat that salad or those veggies.

Here are the carbs that you need to avoid:

  1. Bread

  2. Pasta

  3. Rice

  4. Potatoe’s

  5. Soft Drinks (sugar)

  6. Fruit Juices

  7. Fruit – keep it to 1 max 2 per day

Workout tip #2

You’ve committed to a daily cardio session. This is the part that burns the fat away, so the underlying muscles show. You want to ad to this, by excercising with weights as well. Toning your muscles whilst burning the fat, will amplify your results. I suggest that you make time to work out with weights for the other half of your workout. Muscles need to recover after being trained, so it’s not essential that you do weights every day… at least for the first 30 days of this program.

You can’t just walk into the gym and move some weights around. You need to ensure that you’re training every body part during the week. I personally use this split

  1. Monday – Back and Biceps…. (pulling movements)

  2. Tuesday – Chest and Biceps … (pushing movements)

  3. Wednesday – Shoulders and legs

  4. Thursday – Only cardio

  5. Friday – Arms and Shoulders

  6. Sat – Yoga

I do sit-ups at the start of every session and like to warm up with 4 sets of pull-ups.

Each body part should entail 4 different exercises with a rep range of 8 to 12. Make the weights heavy enough so that your last repetition goes to failure. Make sure that the positive part of the rep happens to a count of 2, while the negative part of the rep happens to the count of 4. This also forces you to “feel” the rep.

While 70% of any transformation happens in the kitchen, don’t short-change the 30% of exercise. This is the part which clears the head, ups your feel-good endorphins and lets your skin breathe. It’s like taking your town car for a burn on the highway. – It clears the pipes and removes the grime.

Tip for the day

I was asked about alcohol. – If you like an evening drink with your partner, that’s ok too. Don’t have more than 2 glasses during a week night. Remember that alcohol is fermented sugar and it does little for your weight-loss and messes with your insulin levels. If you are going to have a drink, ditch the beer. Your waist line will thank you. If you’re having wine, lean into red more than white wine. At least the reservation in red wine aids your metabolism from a dat burning perspective. If you want the least fattening booze fix, stick to hard tack. Whiskey is good, because you can drink it with water or soda. Vodka is great if you mix it with lemon juice and water. Sweet mixers, such as tonic water do create insulin spikes and are counter productive.

Lastly, if you know you’re going to have a couple of drinks, make accommodation for the extra calories by working out extra and eating just a bit less that day. You’re not going to fall over if you eat less and drink a little more.

I am going to invite you to a Facebook group, where you are welcome to ask any questions.

Either myself or other peeps will be able to offer advice and support.

For now, I’m just happy to have stuck to the 2nd say of this.

Have an awesome day and stick to this… you’ll be happy you did!


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