72 Days until the end of the decade, and 72 days to lose the gut challenge…Day 22

Good morning to everyone who has made it through their official 2nd Fast day. I started the fast day well enough, only to realize that I still had some meds to take… Let’s just say that antibiotics on an empty stomach do not represent a match made in heaven. When you’re presented with 2 choices… ie the bathroom for a projectile vomit, or the kitchen, where an abandoned bread-roll represents enough salvation to soak up the nausea….

I had the bread roll, kept nausea at bay for a while and managed to beat myself up for having broken the fast…


Just by means of further feedback, I was asked whether it is ok to fast for 24 hours instead of 36 hours. — Yes of course it is. You need to do what works for you. If you are battling with the last few hours, ie from now until lunchtime, I would suggest that you first try a supplement with Keto Coffee.

The fat from the butter and the MCT oil may just pull you through an energy slump. Some of you reported having struggled to get to sleep, because of the grumbling tummy syndrome. Since the whole philosophy of this challenge is based on sleep being one of the pillars, I’d like us to look into this area again below…


So far, the dietary component of this Challenge was aimed at re-setting your insulin sensitivity. To achieve this, we removed all the carbs for 2 weeks and then gradually re-introduced the carbs, having allowed a total of 75grams last Tuesday, and now you’re allowed all of 100 grams of carbs. I suggest that you keep using MyPlate and keep checking your Makro’s. 100grams of carbs are easily achieved and easily surpassed.


Most of us know that carbs are the bad kids on the block of a dietary regime… Carbs, however, are given a bad rap at times. If you’ve been adding your carb intake up on the MyPlate app, you will notice that there are carbs everywhere… probably under your bed if you look there too….

When you get your carbs from a healthy salad or vegetables, then you’re feeding your body and that’s a good thing. The problem with carbs though is that they appear in highly processed foods. When you treat yourself to a Dunkin donut, you’re getting about as much nutritional value as eating white sugar with a tablespoon. Sure, you’re eating carbs but there’s no actual nutritional value to be found.

In the most basic way, simple carbs are table sugar, syrup and soft drinks… like soda…These should be avoided, except on Cheat days. The bad carbs are things like cakes beer, biscuits and fudge…

Complex Carbs include porridge, apples, cardboard and peas….

For a long time, people believed that complex carbohydrates were universally better for you than simple carbohydrates, but that isn’t always the case. You see, your body takes both complex and simple carbohydrates and tries to break them down into useable sugar energy to fuel your muscles and organs. It’s not the type of carbohydrate that really matters, but how quickly your body can break it down and how much it will spike your blood glucose levels. It’s not as simple as dividing complex carbs from simple ones, though. A slightly more sophisticated way to rate carbohydrate quality is something called the glycaemic index (GI). The GI attempts to classify foods by how quickly they break down and how high they boost blood sugar levels.

Neither low carb diets, nor low GI diets represent a magic pill for fat loss. The correct approach is to recognize carbs as the energy source that they represent, eat the right amount, so as to fuel the metabolism which in turn will help you to burn fat.


As a rule, you should aim to consume around 0,5grams to 0,75 grams per pound of bodyweight. Don’t eat carbs on their own. If you mix them with some protein, then the breakdown of carbs happens slower and you don’t become prone to energy spikes


You should be into workout 2 today. You’re still in the first phase of working out, so focus on strict form and getting the movements to become second nature to you. Did you hire yourself a coach to shadow you?

You have another week to go in Phase 1, so enjoy exploring the gym.

If you’ve done your workout and feel like you could still squeeze in another session, go for a walk. An elevated heart rate, is like turning the fire up on a gas heater. You use more fuel, and the fat whittles away.


I had an evening routine on a Monday which was counterproductive when it came to achieving a night of deep sleep. I’m a fan of the UFC, and Monday’s where all about watching dudes and gals fighting it out in the Octagon. After 2 hours, I would be ready for bed. I’d switch the lights off and would find that I was still in the octagon. My brain was very much in the heat of the battle, spewing endorphins into my proposed meander through dreamland. — Fight or flight is not ideal when you’re looking for the sandman.

Visual overwriting….

“Visual overwriting” is what I do right before bed

to crowd out anything replaying or looping in my

mind that will inhibit sleep (e.g., email, to-do lists,

an argument, “I should have said . . .”).

There are 2 specific tools which are effective.

I settle in to play 10 min of Tetris before going to bed. The helps in that you literally get your monkey mind to shut the f@#@K up and focus on flipping shapes for a while.

The other way is to turn off the high stakes, high adrenaline show you may have been watching, and find a really feel-good show. — something that is not going to result in grey hairs or white knuckles on the bed-linen. Set yourself up for a mental bath in something that will make you smile, something that’s not too hectic, and before you know it, your dreamscape will find you like a warm quilt that your momma made- especially for you…

Get better sleep! Great sleep reduces Cortisol secretion (the stress hormone) and brings with it all the benefits of a rested body.

To draw an analogy, I would say that the quality and amount of sleep you get, is like an iceberg. You can see what’s above the surface. That’s your waking state. The sleep you’ve had is like what’s under the water. It’s what keeps the ice-berg afloat and keeps it stable.

  1. Maybe I should get more sleep, and find a better comparison….

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy your first meal of the week! — and remember to weigh yourself and take a pic.

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