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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

It’s raining cats and dogs outside. I’ve just had a look at my diary and it’s a busy Week ahead… — but is it only busy, or is it also going to be a day that moves me forward in my goals? Sometimes the to do list gets so long, that it becomes easy to mistake busy work for effective work.

They say that 80 percent of progress comes from 20 percent of one’s actions.

(Thanks Wilfredo Pareto)

If you look at your list of maybe 20 items, — is there something that you can do, which will make many of the other actions go away? — I find that during these times, when the noise becomes loud around me, if I focus on one thing (like what I am doing right now) I have at least laid the foundation for a good start to the day. This challenge can be the same for you. If you stick to your one commitment to yourself, this victory will give you the energy to move on to the next To Do with more momentum. This challenge is not only about getting abs when you look at your body. In a way, you want abs in your brain too. — yes, this sounds ridiculous, but you can get mentally fit too.

The exercises which will be prescribed for your body, are also training your mind, your “stickwithitness” — if there is even such a word…

Yesterday, I explained the food consumption guidelines and I received quite a few comments, where people said they did not understand or that it sounded complicated.

I will say this… — Yes it is complicated the first time around, but so is riding a bike. I’ve been doing this for a few years, so it has become 2nd nature to me. Sometimes I need to revisit my routines, but on the whole, I am on auto-pilot. I urge you to make the effort to learn to ride that bike. Once acquired, it will be a skill that you can ad to your arsenal of things that make you better every day.

Here’s what you do, broken down into a few basic steps:

Determine your meal size Enter your food into MyPlate Compare the grams per calorie consumed, (Protein, carbs and fat..) to those which are on the spreadsheet I sent you If you’re under or over the allowances, make adjustments That’s it….

The weekend is looming and with it come the challenge of going out and having to eat dinners with friends etc. We spoke about the “hard tack” vs beer option etc, but what about eating out in a restaurant? I used to break out in a cold sweat at the thought of having to break my hard-earned eating regime with an Italian Pizza. I love pizza, but it feels counter productive and you end up berating yourself because you’re not following through on your eating.

Here’s what I do…

Choose a restaurant which serves meals other than carbs alone. Most restaurants serve salad, veg and protein. The same rules apply. Steer away from carbs. Eat relatively cleanly. If you are offered a sauce, which you don’t know the ingredients of, just ask for some olive oil. Try to think of your restaurant meal as just another chance to feed your body with the right stuff, instead of thinking that you will be missing out on your starchy food, while others are munching away at the bread rolls before dinner. Enjoy that steak or fish etc. Keep it simple. Oftentimes you will learn just how good a restaurant is, by their ability to prepare a simple meal, as opposed to killing the dish with elaborate sauces. — Lastly, try to intersperse each drink with a glass of water. This will not only slow down your regression into getting tipsy, but you’re essentially halving the impact which high calorie alcohol has on your system.


You want to know what to eat? — Good! You should not feel deprived at all. I’m not going to tell you what you can’t eat… Instead, I’m going to give you a long list of all the good stuff you can put into your system.

Your Thorfit approved shopping list is as follows:

Stock up on these foods, and then plug and play each option into the meal guides (later). The foods have been split into categories: proteins, free veggies, fats, and carbs. While we’ll provide you with very specific numbers, we’ll also show you how to create your own meal plan so every day can offer a menu loaded with your favourites. Dig in.

If you’re hungry, you can tuck into these without really committing any dietary crimes 😉


As mentioned, you need to steer away from Carbs during the first 2 weeks of your re-set to insulin sensitivity. After this, we will benefit from the re-introduction of a small amount of carbohydrates. From then on, carbs will be used like a race car. You only put enough fuel in the tank to run the race. You will be eating just enough carbs to energise your workout. When you’ve run the race (completed your training), then the tank should be depleted and you’re back to a zero carb balance.

While these are “allowed”, you should ensure that they don’t bump you over your carb allowance, according to MyPlate. If you are not using the app to count your Macro’s, it’s better to abstain from these.

Working Out

We will get into some workout specifics in the new week. If you’re not an old gym hound, then you should try to get there 4 times a week. Try doing 45minutes on Monday and Tuesday, take Wed off from weights and then hit it for Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday should be reserved for rest. If you still have gas in the tank, by all means, take yourself for a mountain walk with the kids, or hit the promenade etc.

Chat tomorrow 😉

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