72 days until the end of the decade, “lose the gut” Challenge - Let's debunk some myths...

Thorsten EggertNov 21 · 6 min read

Day 31

Good morning to you all. Its 4h48 am on a Wed morning and I’m sitting here, thinking about what I would like to share with you so that this ball keeps rolling in the direction of the thinner leaner, happier you. Needless to say that a flat tummy is not a precursor to happiness, but it’s the same as being rich, I suppose… Money won't make you happy, but it’s easier to sulk from the back of a Rolls, than it is from the back of a bus.

By this time, you are well on your way to changing your physical body.

Some Phase 2 Basics include…

Fasting — You’re not eating during a 16 hour window of your day. You don’t eat on Monday’s

Feasting — You eat during 8 hours of the day. You have learned to work out your calories for phase 2, and are using the app to keep a record. You enjoy your Sunday cheat day and know that you can basically eat anything that does not manage to get up a tree quickly enough

Move — You have gotten used to your circuit style concentric workouts. You are comfortable with the transitions between exercises because you’ve enlisted the services of a personal instructor.

Sleep — You have become more aware of your sleeping patterns and are able to move away from the sleeping tablets and are enjoying the night time latte. I have to admit that I made this drink last night and don’t even remember falling asleep.

Needless to say, we’ve covered a whole lot of other material so far. Keep showing up for the basics, then the results will continue to show up for you.

Yesterday, I wrote at length about The Game Changers movie on Netflix. I found the concept of the movie intriguing because the movie is quite biased but it is well presented. I am fairly well-read when it comes to the food and diet industry, so it’s not that easy to pull the wool over my eyes. The bottom line though, (and what I learned from the movie), is that we may be eating too much low-grade red meat. We reach for Mickey Dee’s and we eat the KFC and are consuming mass-produced, high fat, hormone loaded protein, which is no good for us. The preferable route, obviously for the better-versed consumer, would be to ensure that you are eating organic, grass-fed (in the case of beef) and preferably free-range if a chicken happens to cross your road. This is your way around the hormones and the high fat. Meat protein is more bioavailable and it is made up of more complete amino acids than plant protein.

The food industry is big business. One need only look as far as the conventional food pyramid, which has been re-designed of late, to see who the major contributors to the coffers are. Traditionally, starchy grains were the go-to, energy-producing friends on every cheesy TV commercial we were exposed to. The sugar industry ran the show. Oils and fats were made out to be the boogyman, and as ignorant consumers, we put our trust in the “experts” who were basically employed to sell the farmers wares.


If you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, you may be certifiably mad, or so the story goes. I'm not going to imply anything, save to say that we need to discard some old food beliefs. The best way to do this, is to find a consistent approach, which will put fallacies to the test. You need to be aware that the one who makes the most noise, generally gets the most attention, not because their wares/diets are the best, but because they have crowed the loudest, possibly having had the most money to throw at marketing the project.

You may have half of the experts saying one thing, and the other half, insisting that theirs is the better approach. Case in point: Vegans are saying the you should not eat animal products whatsoever. On the other end of the scale, you have the Paleo crowd who say that the best way to a healthy life, is the tasty flesh of dead animals. At the end of the day, you are so confused, that you partake try on a little bit of all sorts of advice, with the end result being that you only get fatter and more unhealthy each year.

All these disparate beliefs create confusion. So to make things easier, I’m going to offer 3 steps that you will NEED to follow

cut through the noise so you can answer your own call to a transformation. This means that you commit to change… in your head. — Follow the map that is laid out for you.learn the truth — Once you know the reasons for previous dietary failures, you will be able to focus more on making small changes in the 4 pillars that determine your health and belt size (Fast/Feast/Move/Sleep)Do the work — You can read about doing push-ups, but without actually doing them, you are not affecting anything


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Howcome 90% of Americans eat breakfast and 35% of them are obese? For years, doctors have told us not to skip this meal if you’re looking to lose weight.

Now, you can eat breakfast and be perfectly healthy and use it as part of a weight-loss plan, but breakfast is not the weigh loss elixir that it is made out to be. You see, eating first thing in the morning after sleep actually shuts down the hormones that control fat loss.

Breakfast widens the eating window, ie the time that you are eating, during the day, vs not eating. The larger the window, the more prone you are to health problems such as liver disease or diabetes… (remember your insulin sensitivity etc) When you cut down the time that you eat in, you are allowing your body to do a better job of processing what you’ve put into your body.ie fat, glucose and cholesterol. You’re starting to eat later in the day, you’ve extended your overnight fast and your body has become a fat-burning machine, instead of being a sugar burner.

By eating later in the day, you are teaching your body to feel less hungry. The moment you reach for food, you create the expectation of more calories. The more often you eat, the more you prime your body to expect the chow….


Picture this… a guy walks into the gym, meets the trainer. He or she gets pitched an expensive training package. One thing leads to another and the trainer talks about nutrition… “Bro you gotta eat 6 meals a day if you want to lose the fat. You got to keep the fires burning. That way, you can eat more and lose fat. Look at me, I’m shredded.” Let me say as clearly as possible, that eating 6 meals a day will NOT get you shredded or shripped or even lean for that matter. To be fair, it’s not just the trainers, but also the helpful advice of the misinformed. Unfortunately, that’s total BS.

When the guys in the white lab coats got together and tested this theory, it was found that there was no improvement in weight loss. The reason being that Calories consumed equals Calories consumed. By this, I mean to say that it does not matter if you’re eating 3000 calories spread out over 5 meals of 600 cals, or if you are eating only 2 meals of 1500 cals each. At the end of the day, what you put into your system is … what you put into your system. The difference is that those on 2 meals a day, simply did not feel as hungry as their more frequently munching counterparts. This form of eating is also much easier to follow, because you’re not having to obsess about food all day.

The birds are chirping outside and I need to wake the kids. I am going to bust some more myths for you tomorrow. Stick with your program, and the results will show up. Along the way, I will give you the “Why’s” that will make it easier to endure. If transformations were easy, they’d all be doing it. Summer is coming and you want to feel good about yourself.

Have an awesome day!!


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