90 days Post Lockdown Transformation Challenge.

One minute we were buying diaries for 2020 and making plans to take over the world, and the next moment, the whole world went into Lockdown. We do live in crazy times.

The good news is that the year is only half done, and it's all there for the taking and the making. they say that work expands in proportion to the time available. So, if you're a "glass half-full" person, then you may be happy to read that you can accomplish your plans in half the time...

When I posted my transformation pics on "transformation Tuesday" I was surprised at the number of skeptics who simply did not believe that one can lose 20 lbs in 5 months, and I would like to set the record straight. You see, it's completely possible. You need not become a gym addict. You need not freak out about dieting. - But when you make some small changes in the area's of Feasting, Fasting, Training and Sleep, then you hit upon a synergy, where your system becomes aligned and your body just responds... Your hormones click into place, your energy levels rise, your metabolism becomes more efficient... and in short, - you really do transform into what you were meant to be along.

Last year, my friends and family prompted me to help them with transformations, lasting 72 days. Some of the bigger guys lost between 10Kg's and 20Kg's (x2,2 to arrive at lbs) - That's a huge amount. I'm going to extend this offer to you too. We formed a WhatsApp group and basically I woke up at 5am every morning and put a daily plan together for them. I want to state that this is not a professional service. I'm no Doctor and I will show you what I did to make the changes. - Deal?

Let's start on Monday. I need a way to send the info, so just indicate with a "yes" on the timeline. Either leave your email address here...

https://www.thorfit.com/ (by the "hormones make you lean" guide)

or DM me your phone number and I'll ad you to the Whatsapp group.

(my number is +27 828236380)

I'll jump into action if I have more than 20 peeps who want to do this.

Take Care and stay safe!!

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