A letter to my Guardian Angel

Dear Guardian Angel,

Good morning to you all, you higher beings, who sit around, doing the things that feathered folk do…

Life down here on earth is an up and down affair, a fact which perhaps, due to your unique vantage point, you are unable to take in all that clearly.

After all, when you study a map, you can’t exactly feel the undulations of Mount Everest, save for the concentration of little lines at the “summit”

I am writing this note, in the hope that one of you could take note and reach down, and share a little lightning bolt of inspiration.

I just  listened to Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech about making good art. He spoke beautifully about the need to actually just get out there and believe that what you are doing is your unique gift to the world, and that this, more than anything, will make your world a better place…

I want to be inspired, so that the time that I have on this earth actually matters.

I lay next to my 8 year old little girl last night, who was feeling under the weather, (why am I telling you this? – Angels know this stuff) – What I felt though, was an unbelievable tenderness towards this little soul. I wanted to just do right by her and take care of her and be the best possible man that I could be for her.

I know that I am trying, but is that good enough?

Please, dear Mr or Mrs Angel just reach down and zap me with the know-it-feel-it-all kind of insight that will never have me look back…




Dear Thorsten

Firstly, I want to thank you for pointing out that our vantage point may not always give us the full picture. Incidentally, we have very little work in the Nepal area. This may be, because people are too busy negotiating the contours that they don’t have time to think about thinking too much. Herein lies my first bit of advice to you. Stop thinking too much. Rather just do and then ask for forgiveness afterwards.

Neil is familiar to us in Guardian Angel circles… The graveyard book was actually prompted by one of my fellow angels, but Neil did not stand in the way of the angel inspiration, and the book was quickly borne.

I feel it necessary to clarify something for I found your expression about your daughter quite poignant.

We Angels love it when you earthy souls are able to grab onto a chord which is ethereal. This places you into our midst.

– aspiring to godliness if you will..

There is a certain beauty which flows from your striving to be more like us… (Inspiration is like being “in spirit” – It needs to be earned though.)

You cannot write me a letter in the hope that I zap you with a life’s purpose. What you can do though, is venture into a direction. How do you know that you are heading the right way? – When you feel naked and a little scared, then you are gaining altitude and getting closer to the place where us angels spend our time. Use love as a compass, but know that love is a verb. It is in the doing of love that life (and us angels) conspire to come to your aid.

So the next time that you are overcome with that feeling whilst with your little person, ask yourself wether you are walking your talk… Keep showing those important to you, that you love them. Small random acts of kindness will make our angel room sit up and take note a million times more, than a majestic declaration of love that is lost in the sandbox of good intentions.

Good luck, my friend. You’re on the right track because you are striving. Keep doing that, and remember the next time when it seems like the world is on your shoulders, breathe deep, close your eyes, listen to your heart, for it is through your heart that you will hear the chatter of us guardian angels.

We may just be giggling about how seriously you are taking yourself.

And don’t forget to laugh!

Signed – Angel 32453

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