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Good morning. We are heading towards day 4 of the program, and I hope you are starting to feel some changes settling into your body. Don’t worry if the weight has not started to melt off. The spare tire took a while to get, so now you’re going to have to be a little patient while it begins to melt away. That is not to say that radical things aren’t happening in your physiology. For one, you’re busy with the system re-set, which you get from intermittent fasting.

When you give your system a break from all its digestive functions, you allow it to get busy with tasks that it previously did not have the time for. By not eating the carbs, you are allowing your Insulin levels to re-set. This is a crucial part of the program. Many have been diligently training for years, even watching the foods they eat but have only achieved results sparingly. This is because all the while, our insulin sensitivity has been out of whack. The food that you have consumed has not been used optimally. Instead of receiving the nutrients, carbs, and protein and sending them into the muscles, they have been backlogged, because there has not been sufficient insulin to place them where they belong, sending them into your system to be stored as fat. This is the stage where your body is literally “sharpening its own ax” so that it can cut that dietary tree down, cos it’s sharp!

So, steer away from carbs, re-set the insulin and you would have taken the biggest possible step towards turning your body into a fat-burning furnace.

The only time that you are allowed a minimal amount of carbs, is within an hour post your workout. You have a serving of Whey Protein, which contains no more than 30grams of Carbs. This falls within the “window of opportunity” which is open for around 60 minutes after your workout. It’s an opportunity because your body absorbs protein twice as quickly during that time.

A word about the workouts...

If you have an existing training program which is helping you to achieve fantastic gains, I would almost suggest that “if it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it” - But you’ve joined this program because you want to level up. If you’re the guy or gal who finds a program in a fitness magazine and then gives it a go. While I would applaud that you’re seeking a solution, I would venture to say that you’re doing yourself a disservice. A program, written by a semi-professional gym rat, is not going to be right for you straight away, because it will lead to overtraining. This can force your hormone levels to drop and you won’t have the testosterone and growth hormones needed to see gains appear. This is not only ineffective, but it’s also counterproductive. In order to reverse the trend, you need to stop doing what you’ve always done.

You need to cut out training on a program that only lasts for about 4 weeks.

You need to subscribe to definitive, and not generic nutritional advice.

You need to keep food out of your mouth for 16 hours straight.

There is plenty of proof that there’s a David (sculpture) in every man (or a Venus in every woman) - you need only flip that hormone switch.

I realize that some of this program may feel like a stretch. You may not have grasped the concepts of program stagnation or metabolic slow-down. Maybe GH and testosterone or insulin still sound like illegal terms, but they are the most natural hormones known to man. I will shed light on the “why’s” as we progress. At this point, you only need to make that one decision… believe that a better body and a healthier, more energetic life are very realistic options and that there was a reason for every previous frustration that stood in your way before.

If you have not yet done so, check out the training breakdown for phase 1.

If you do it as per the instructions, and setting yourself up to get good at the movements, you are laying the foundation for the best possible transformation. Remember that the exercises and the way they are performed serves as a system activation switch.

Good luck out there. Remember to fill in the coaching form if you wish to join the course. If you just want to join the Thor’s Army Tribe, feel free to click here.

Chat tomorrow.

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