Cutting out the Carbs for 2 weeks

1, Day 2

Good morning. If you look at your program, you’re into the first week and there are a few things which I have asked you to get used to now. The first, is the scale. I used to flip and flop from program to program, trying to drop the weight. It would go well for a while. - Like the cabbage diet… You made this soup and ate it for about a week. Besides feeling like a gas hazard, you’d walk around without energy all day, and eventually you’d begin to capitulate and have just a few more calories. The program we’re on, simply removes the guessing. If you stick to your caloric allowances, you simply will lose the weight. It’s that simple. Get used to measuring, and within 5 days, you will have developed a pretty good feel for portion sizes and calories. It’s a very useful tool, because it teaches you to see food around and basically know what it contains and thus, you know wether to put it in your face or not.


I want to explain why we’re taking away the carbs during the first 2 weeks… This may prove a little tough, right now, especially since you’re already having to adjust to your eating window, but I urge you to persevere. When your insulin sensitivity returns, you operate like a car that’s just had its engine cleaned. The fuel goes to all the right places.


Also known as the “gatekeeper” hormone, Insulin controls the uptake of nutrients into your liver, muscles and stored fat. Controlling insulin is the key to looking good. If you eat it at the right time, your cells are primed for nutrient storage. If you eat at the wrong time, then the nutrients are packed into your fat cells. Controlling this is not all that easy. Your goal is to be insulin sensitive, meaning that you don’t secrete much of it to get the apportioning of food done. High insulin sensitivity is the easiest way to ensure that you will gain muscle and lose fat. You can increase your sensitivity by avoiding foods that spike the production of insulin, such as sugar.

Most people have diets that constantly spike insulin levels, which stunts fat loss and muscle growth (placing the nutrients into fat cells) When you eat carbohydrates, this energy-containing food is normally routed to the muscles. The more carbs you eat, the more insulin you secrete. You don’t want too much of it in your body, because too much of it will make you store your food in your muscle cells. When you are insulin resistant, your blood sugar levels stay higher for longer and the carbs which are turned into sugar, don’t make it to your muscles. If your muscles are the engine and the sugar is the fuel, the carbs literally become backed up in your arteries and your body is forced to “re-route” to fat storage. So if your muscles don’t get the carbs, because your body is resistant, you produce even more insulin to get the job done, which stores the sugars as fats… The carbs trapped in the “traffic” also have the effect of not letting the proteins and amino acids to your muscles.

Re-setting insulin sensitivity

* Cut out all carbs and sugars for 2 full weeks.

* Cut out all sweets and refined sugars

* Re-introduce by eating your carb-rich meal in the evening. (after 2 weeks)

After 2 weeks of total abstinence, you will have turned your insulin resistance to insulin sensitivity and your system will produce less insulin, this makes you less prone to sugar spikes and will allow you to get the maximum nutritional benefit from what you put into your system.

Once you get your insulin production under control, the fat will melt away…

So, as per the outline, please abstain from the basic carbs for a while. Avoid the rice and the bread and the pasta’s. Most Vegetables will contain an amount of free carbs, so it’s not like you’re being totally deprived. The most carbs you are going to be consuming and knowing about it, is your post workout drink.

After gym, have 2 servings of Whey Protein and some whole milk. You will be re-introduced to carbs in 2 weeks, so for now, just enjoy the changes in your body, while you're off the carbs.

Chat tomorrow.


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