On developing callouses

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Since lockdown eased up, the gyms opened again, so naturally I decided to find me some iron again. Over the months of lockdown, my little paws had gone soft, so lately I've become aware of re-appearance of callouses on my hands. They're quite sore, but in a good way because they show me that work is being done.

Today, on my way to the gym, I was listening to an Audio Book called "Can't hurt me" by David Goggins. It's the story of a guy whom many consider to be the toughest mofo on the planet. - This guy has an amazing story to tell, having endured incredible hardship throughout his life. He went through 3 evolutions of Buds, the US Marine hell-week. He's no longer a marine, but has competed in numerous Ultramarathon events, set the world record for the most pull-ups performed in a day (over 2000), the list goes on.

There's a section where he speaks of the connection between seeing his calloused hands and his mind. He says that every time he looked at his hands, which were getting more calloused with all the training he was doing, and his mind. The harder he trained, the harder his hands were getting. - But the real callousing was happening in his mind. He was learning to endure hardship. His mind was developing callouses too but in a good way.

I like this comparison and agree that there's a direct correlation between your physicality and your mentality. If you can put yourself in tough situations in the gym, or on the sports field, and bite down when things get uncomfortable, then you are training not only your paws but also your mind. This bodes well for stress that you experience in your mind. The discipline and "Stickwithitness" that you develop whilst training, really does help you to improve your mental toughness. The Vikings believed that the more they sweated in times of peace, the less they would bleed in times of war. To apply this in our modern lives, we're all fighting our own mental wars at times. Seeking out discomfort can create callouses in the mind, - of the good kind.

So, get your ass out there, even if it's cold and you don't feel like it. Fuck your feelings, and do it anyway. A strong body makes a strong mind makes a strong body makes a strong mind... - you get the idea! As they say in the marines... "Go get some!"

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