People either love or hate the fast. Some schools of thought believe that we give our bodies a well deserved rest to do housekeeping when we refrain from feeding within certain times. I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now, and found that the morning coffee on an empty stomach would leave me feeling jittery. 

Then I discovered Bulletproof coffee.... BPC is essentially black coffee with a spoon of MCT oil and a spoon of butter, blended together into this rich and creamy broth. It tastes great and the fats in the coffee (as groce as it sounds) do a great job of providing energy, which is accessed on a more gradual curve than carbs or other sugars, which can spike and then drop off, leaving you feeling lethargic. Another benefit of the morning BPC is concentration. The fat you ingest is good for the Miolin sheaths in your brain, leaving them covered with a fatty layer, which aids in concentration and has a way of steadying the boat when your brain is running amok.

You can have about 3 cups before your first lunch time meal, if you need the energy. It’s not a tip for everyone, but I have found that it makes my mornings more energetic, in a calm sort of way. 


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