Writing about hormones can be as exciting as watching weeds grow. You kinda know that they are there and serve a purpose, but there's little incentive to read about a tiny little compound in your endocrine system, whose name you can't even pronounce.

- But (and it's a big one) - what if you found that a shortcoming about something you really value, can be traced back to your hormones...

I recently posted a question on some of the Facebook groups that I belong to. Generally, these groups are where the health and wellness-minded Silverbacks (men from the age of 40) hang out. I asked how often these men were having sex. I know that the topic can be a little riskè, but I thought "what the heck" since an active sex life is often a great yardstick for general health. After all, there's a strong correlation between a man's sex drive and his hormone (not moan) levels.

When I opened Facebook the following morning, I was stunned to see that there had been over 600 comments across the various groups. WOW!! - clearly, I had touched a nerve here, so I began to read what people said, and I discovered a few trends emerging. One could classify the comments into 3 general categories.

1) Infrequent (Every other week, to every other month)

2) Average (A few times a week)

3) Frequent (Daily to multiple times a day)

Taking a closer look,


This category was very revealing. There were stories of spousal abuse and rejection. One poor guy had not had sex in over a year and was miserable. Now, I'm not about to go Dr Ruth on you, but often the profile pictures of these people showed people who were quite overweight and did not sport that "twinkle in the eye" that you find in someone who has gotten lucky. Infrequent sex can be a choice, but there is often a physical tangible reason behind it, and yes, you guessed it, - waning T-levels can be the culprit.


The people in this category often had young children and would have liked to have more time in the sack with their partners. There were also the older guard in the 60 plus category who said they enjoyed sex and had unusually high testosterone levels. Some of these people in the 60 plus category were hopping into the sack far more than people half their age. Come to think of it, this demographic was having an "Average" amount of sex for people half their age.


The daily crowd opened my eyes too. As a rule, upon inspecting their profile pictures, these people definitely exuded health most of the time, and you could see that they had a ready smile on their dials. Many also reported unusually high testosterone levels for their age.

Some were on hormone therapy and were being administered between 1 and 2mg of testosterone every week.

Now, I am not telling you to rush out and get yourself injected. In fact, I would advocate that you try some of the other avenues explained in this article before you turn your ass into a pin-cushion.


Fat plays an important role in regulating your sex hormones. Having productive and fertile sperm depends on polyunsaturated fats in your body.

These can be supplemented by eating salmon or trout and consuming fish oil.

Your blood flow is improved with these fats, something you need when you're getting hard.

Compare vegetarians, whose diets are lower in fat, and you will notice that they have less testosterone in their systems.

Fats don't make you fat or less fertile. - but you have to have the right fats. You have to avoid transient fats... These are the artificially produced fats that you find in doughnuts or in your Macdonald's french fries. They are the reason that fat gets a bad rap.


Lifting heavy will boost your testosterone levels as well as your GH levels by up to 50%.

So pumping iron will boost your libido.

Inactivity will slow down your testosterone production and lower your libido.

Doctors thought that the urge to shag was something that would begin to dwindle after 45. - Not so... The accumulation of poor sedentary and food choices are the culprits.

When you move in the gym... this stops and you're well on your way to producing those hormones again that will turn you into a sexual machine.


The amount of soy in a man's diet has a direct correlation to erectile dysfunction. Soy has estrogenic effects and is fine for women, but men who want to be awesome in bed should avoid it. Check the food labels, because Soy lurks in more places than you think. Soy is no joke


Drink less beer. Have the pizza, eat the chicken wings, but please people... drink less beer. It's easy to grab a cold one out of the fridge, but beer, more than anything will drop your testosterone levels in the long run. Beer is high in calories. It's not called a beer gut for no reason. If you're going to have a drink, stick to spirits or a glass of wine.


Most people wake up in stress mode and spend the day playing catch-up. Here's a little trick that's so simple. Wake up an hour earlier and use that tent pole that's threatening to pierce through the sheets. When you train your brain to expect some good nookie in the morning, the endocrinal domino effect this creates will raise your testosterone levels. - This is still the most enjoyable way of giving your testosterone a boost.


Porn triggers a strong dopamine reaction in your body. This is good. Do too much of it, and you become desensitized. Either you go looking for wackier ways to get off, or you find yourself not being able to get aroused anymore, not to mention that you'd actually like to form some emotional bonds with your partner too. - difficult to do when your only way of getting aroused is through the porn you've gotten used to consuming. I'm not saying that you should not watch porn, but as always, the poison is in the dose. Find a high-quality production, watch it with your mate and see where things flow from there.

So, to come a full circle, I have always maintained that the way you feel, can be governed by emotions. Emotions can be governed by physical conditions which prevail in your body. When these little chemicals are cursing through your veins, (like Testosterone), then you feel more like the man that you're supposed to. You will impose yourself on situations, rather than cowering. Your manliness will prevail and that's what bodes well for your sex life.

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