The main reason I want you to follow the intermittent fasting protocol is that there are no downsides, and it’s the only eating strategy that helps you to optimize hormones. For starters, there’s your improved insulin sensitivity which is increased even more when paired with exercise. Fasting also increases the production of GH (growth hormone), it offsets the production of cortisol, helps control leptin and gherlin levels to keep you satiated and facilitates an optimal environment for testosterone production.

For all these benefits to become part of your life, all you have to do, is define a window of time during which you will not be eating. The window can shift according to your lifestyle requirements. You won’t find a diet that’s as healthy, that has fewer rules. With the right approach, you can have alcohol, you can eat the dessert on cheat days.

All you have to do, is shrink the number of hours during which you eat. It’s an adjustment, but it comes with so many health benefits that I would urge you to try it out before you decide that it’s not your thing.

A SIMPLE GUIDE 1. **Fast**- Go without eating for an amount of time… most days, this will be 16 hours. 2. **Eat**- Select an 8-hour window and use that as your eating time. 3. **Be flexible**- If you have a late dinner planned with friends, just start your meals for the day a bit later, as long as they fall into the eating window.

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