Intermittent Fasting is where it all begins...

Happy Monday everyone. This is a perfect time to get busy with the stuff that makes you a better person. For some if us, the year started in a belter skelter fashion. We were left running just to keep our heads afloat. Along the way, the snickers bar became an easy go-to. Little allowances kept creeping in, but these did nothing other than provide some immediate relief from the hunger pangs, and actually, we started to indulge in a little self-loathing. The waist started going a bit soft again. It's a great time to climb back onto the wagon and start feeling strong again.

The good news is that it’s never too late to get back into good habits, and I want to make this commitment to you and with you. If you take note of some of the daily pointers, find ways to include these into your weekly routine, I promise you that 90 days from now, you’ll be looking at quite a different person. Don’t get me wrong, - I’m not implying that your life’s in shambles, but I AM saying that this is a great time to level up, and I’m doing this with you.

Over the next while, come rain or shine, I will wake up and show up, so that you know that you’re not the only one with some skin in this.

Intermittent Fasting

Have you noticed how many people are switching to Intermittent Fasting? I was amazed to have lunch with a group of people this weekend. The topic of not eating breakfast was raised, and more than half of the people at the table agreed that they did not eat breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised, because what seemed like a fad, has become a “go-to” for people aspiring to take better care of their health and their waist-line. What’s nice about this, is that you’re not left with a list of instructions, asking you do this that and the other. You’re actually being asked to do NOTHING. This can be challenging too. We’re conditioned to reach for food when we’re bored, depressed, happy, or when the body clock just announces that it’s time to put something in the mouth.

Subscribe to intermittent fasting. This means that you do not eat within a 16 hour window. If your last meal was at 8 in the evening, this means that your first meal will be at 12h00 midday.

Fasting allows your body to “turn on the dishwasher” and do basic and very essential maintenance. If there is no food to “eat”, your body turns to its own damaged cells and chomps those. This is good. It’s like taking out the trash. There is less of it in your system and this allows your body to spend better energy on basic functions.

When you’re not eating, your body goes into “hunting mode” — Imagine a cave man whose tummy is grumbling. Survival is at stake. He’s going to think clearly, grab that spear (or rock) and have the presence of mind to bring down the Mammoth. We’re still like our ancestors. When we’re not flooded with food, our system just operates on a higher level. It’s only since we believe that we need to eat 3 square meals a day, that our edge has disappeared.

To sum up, you need to abstain from food for 16 hours at a time. Don’t worry, we are going to build in a cheat day down the line, but for now, grab control of your eating times. It’s the very beginning of discipline and you will smile all the way to the scale.

Recipe Tip…

If you’re feeling a bit flat from having to work out and not eating as you are used to, you can supplement your morning intake with black keto coffee. Get yourself some MCT Oil from a health shop, and put a table spoon of it into your coffee. Next, take a spoon of grass-fed butter (Lurpack is good) and ad it to your coffee. Blend the brew and you will find that it makes quite a delicious drink. You can have 3 of these before your first meal. As you go along, you will learn to regulate your intake. — meaning that you may not need 3 cups to get you to lunch.

How does it work? — The MCT will improve your brain function. Your energy curve will not spike, as with sugar. Your body will access the oil and your energy curve is more gradual. MCT Oil also lowers cholesterol and keeps your blood sugar levels at bay. This prevents insulin resistance, but more about that another day.

The butter will release CLA’s which in turn give you that full feeling, whilst not allowing your normal fat to accumulate. Butter has micronutrients which are good for you. — besides, it tastes great!!

As a parting thought, know that the adjustments you will be asked to make, are not always going to be easy. If it was super easy, everyone would be living until past their 90’s and looking hot to boot. This course asks you to make these adjustments incrementally. Make the small changes, so that you can look back after a month, and marvel at the wonderful improvements you’ve made.

Have fun today and let’s chat again tomorrow.

Live Long and Live Strong!!

Some housekeeping...Setting the tone for the week ahead.

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