LOWER LEPTIN LEVELS and love handles...

It’s Wednesday — Happy Hump day! Are you ready to sink your junk-yard dog teeth firmly into temptation’s ass and not let go? I hope so because we’re just getting started.


I met a friend for lunch yesterday, - the first meal since my Monday Fast day... We both went to our respective ways and later he contacted me, saying that he just did not feel hungry. I was experiencing exactly the same thing. I should have been ravenous but was not hungry in the slightest. This does represent a catch 22 because you need to feed your body, especially if you’re breaking down your muscles in the gym or on the sports field. When you’re on a calorie-restricted diet, your body secretes leptin. Leptin is produced by the body, to keep your hunger at bay. It is called the anti-starvation hormone.

It’s what slows the body’s metabolism down when food becomes scarce.

This means that elevated leptin decreases your hunger. That’s great for survival, but it creates a pretty clear fat-loss catch-22: you need to eat less to burn fat, but eating less compromises your body’s ability to produce leptin. And the less leptin you produce, the hungrier you become and the more likely you are to eat more than you need. All of this means that if you want to keep making progress, you need to keep leptin levels elevated while you’re in a caloric deficit. So, remember to eat marginally less (about 500 calories) and you'll produce leptin which staves off hunger. - But don't dip way under 500 calories, because this shuts your metabolism down and you starve your muscles - it's a fine line.

For now, keep these leptin-boosting tactics in mind:

• Fast at least sixteen hours a day.

• Include strategic cheat meals (maximum of one day per week).

• Perform resistance training.

• Perform long-distance cardiovascular training.

• Eat a high-protein diet.

• Don’t eat too much fructose.

• Don’t drop your calories too low on a diet (at most, drop 500– 600 calories per week).

(If you're using a calorie counting App such as MyPlate, be sure to enter your caloric expenditure for your workouts. Remember that it's "Calories in vs Calories out" - If you're due to consume 2000 calories to maintain your weight, then aim for 1500 in total. (500 deficit) If you've worked out, then the app allows you to consume more calories, in which case, you've "earned" another trip to the fridge, but don't consume less than 500 calories of your prescribed quota)

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