Martyr or trickster? – You become the one that you feed the most!

“Work is love made visible. And if you can’t work with love, but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of the people who work with joy”
Kahlil Gibran

Does your work put a smile on your dial?

Let’s not forget that work is serious stuff! We need that check to pay for our stuff…. — and then we need more stuff, so we keep coming back for that check, and so the cycle continues…

When you are working, are you creating a body of work that juices you?

(Allow me to backtrack for a second… )

Ancient civilisations have always been in conversation with nature. They talk to the earth mother. (native American indians etc) They consult with their ancestors. They listen to the wind. (They also eat roots and then they see things.) They commune with the forces of nature.

Our modern society has largely forgotten about this reciprocal relationship, but I urge you not to do this, for you are missing out on becoming a co-creator of your surroundings. Nature, after all, will provide the seed, and as citizens of this planet, we provide the garden. Should we not consider the notion of ourselves within this world? Should we not heal the notion that we are singular entities who are separate from this world that we live in?

When you scan down your Facebook timeline, there are many posts that show our presence on this earth to be a destructive force. We are the apex predators, chopping down anything that stands in our way, be it forests, flowers, creatures and even our fellow humans. (mostly for profit)

When you see yourself as separate from the world around you, it’s easier to destroy stuff.

When you finish a work project, you may tell yourself that you have “broken its back.- (i.e. you’ve done most of the hard work). This attitude unconsciously leads to emotional pain and discomfort, because it does not take into account the joy of creation.

How about instead of assuming drudgery and hardship during the process of creation, you separate yourself from your emotional devils and try to nurture a romance between yourself and the work that you do. Emotional pain renders the mind as narrow. Our universe shrinks in accordance with an unhappy outlook.

What if you adopted the attitude that your work can actually love you in return?

If you choose to believe in your relationship with your creativity, you will find that your inspiration is sitting right beside you, waiting for you to smile at it. Be glad for it and then get things done with a stubborn gladness. 

Our views of our world, however individual, are after all just our own delusions. We have choices. We can choose our delusions. If you are going to live your life, based on a delusion, why not live your life, based on a delusion that makes you happy! (Where did I put my rose tinted glasses?)

Allow me to suggest this for a delusion: The work wants to be made! — and it wants to be made through you. So, in forging an inspiring relationship with your work, your creativity, don’t give in to the martyrdom of begrudging your daily tasks. Become more of the trickster.

Are you a martyr or are you a trickster?

We all have a bit of the trickster in us and we all have a bit of the martyr in us. (OK, some of us have a lot of martyr in us) It’s up to you to decide which one to feed.

What’s the difference you ask…?

The martyr is dark and solid and rigid. If you constantly feed the martyr, then that is what you will become more of.

The trickster on the other hand, has a more mischievous approach. He is the shape-shifter. His approach is fluid.

The martyr says:”I will sacrifice everything to win this un-winnable war. The trickster will say:”knock yourself out, dude, — as for me, I will be over here in this corner, running a successful little black market operation aside of your un-winnable war.

Martyr says: ”life is pain” — Trickster says:” life is fascinating!”

Martyr says: ”The system is rigged” — Trickster says: ”there is no system, all is good and nothing is sacred”

Martyr says: ”Nobody will understand me” —  Trickster says:”Pick a card, any card”

Martyr says: “The world can never be solved.” — Trickster says: ”perhaps not, but it can be gained”

Martyr says: ”Through my torment, the truth shall be revealed” — Trickster says:”I didn’t come here to suffer, pal!”

Martyr says: ”Death before dishonour” … while trickster trots off to enjoy another day.

Martyr = Elmer Fudd, Trickster = Bugs Bunny.

Life is short, and then you die. Don’t take everything so seriously.

Be more like Bugs Bunny! Embrace your life’s work in the spirit of a trickster. Have some fun with your creations! Take chances and you may find that while the road ahead is paved with the same number of traps… you, the happy, long eared rodent, will take them on with more of a hop and a skip and a jump in your stride!

Be bright eyed and bushy tailed and you’ll get that carrot!


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