Phase 2 of the 72 day of your “Lose the gut Challenge” begins today…

Day 28 Welcome to Monday and welcome to the next phase of your program… the next 3 weeks are designed to up the ante on your training and your diet. I’ve supplied the workout and trust that you will try to get the hang of the circuit style training. The training is designed to make you stronger, whilst burning fat. If there’s any style of training that will get you thinner, whilst making you stronger, then this is the way to go. Have a look at the table in yesterday’s mail to determine your workout frequency. You will be eating more on workout days, whilst reducing food intake on nonworkout days. — You have to earn your calories with sweat…

Fasting Did you have your cheat meals yesterday? You’re on a calorie-restricted eating plan, and this can have the effect of slowing your metabolism down. When you “chow down”, you confuse the body into thinking that there is plenty of food around, and it doesn’t save the fat for the “drought” that is to come. That pizza and ice cream you had yesterday is making you thinner. — Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Today is your body’s total rest day. We spend so much time deliberating over what to eat when, and some of you have pointed out how obsessed with food we actually are. From a mental point of view, a fast day is a day when you gather yourself. I have been fasting on a Monday for about 4 years, and I can say that it’s never easy. Meal planning and preparation give us something to do. When we take this ritual out of the equation, we can feel disorientated. It can even be a bit depressing, but I urge you to stand your ground, rumbling tummy and all… With the prospect of a no food Monday, there is one way to ensure that you don’t get morbid…. go sweat!! You should be strong in the gym, because your muscles are loaded with glycogen from your cheat day.

Phase 2 Food intake To assess your food intake for the next phase, you need to follow the same process as previously explained. — Just remember that your body composition has changed. Most have reported a fat loss of between 8Kg’s and 12Kg’s during the first phase of the program. When working out your new maintenance calories, you will have more lean body mass to start with. To determine your calories for workout days, subtract 200 calories from your maintenance calories. To determine your calories for non-workout days, subtract 600 calories from your caloric requirements.

Macronutrient breakdown for phase 2 Protein — consume a gram of protein per pound of body weight. Carbs — .75 grams per pound of Lean Body Mass on workout days and .3 grams per pound of LBM for non-workout days. Fat — At this point, you know your maintenance calories and have subtracted the caloric values for carbs and protein. Fat has 9 calories per gram. Take your remaining calories and divide by 9, and you know how much fat you can eat. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much fat you’re allowed to eat. Don’t be shy. Good fats play a big part in hormonal optimization and will get you leaner quicker. So, while you’re not eating today, consult your Food Allowance calc and work out how much you can eat during the next 3 weeks. You’ve come all this way. May your follow-through be as good as your backswing.

Food Allowance Calc.xlsx

Wishing you an awesome Monday….

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