By now you've understood that we rely heavily on the positive benefits of Intermittent Fasting. Simply put, this form of delayed eating, allows your body to focus on housekeeping, as opposed to needing to attend to energy-consuming digestion. I am often asked how this fits in with the POST-WORKOUT SHAKE, which should be taken within half an hour of your workout. - especially since you should still be fasting.

I have learnt that there are some trade-offs when you're practicing IF. While it's a lifestyle system, you have the added benefit of leaning up beautifully without needing to starve yourself. Workouts are a big part of getting into great shape, and the bodybuilders will tell you that you need to supersaturate your system with protein and evenly spaced, high protein, low fat meals if you want to grow muscles. We like muscles, but we want them to grow WHILE we're practicing our healthy habits.

Taking advantage of post-workout window of opportunity, which is when your muscles are like sponges, absorbing all the glycogen you need for energy and protein for tissue repair.

If I have completed a workout before it's time to eat, I will chug down a shake with Whey Protein Powder and a cup of slow release oats. That sorts out the uptake of gradual energy.

I also have about 10 jelly babies. Yes, I love those little dudes and in this case, they serve the purpose of providing instant access to energy replenishment. The sucrose is also a carrier for the nutrients consumed and will ensure that the food you consumed in your shake, will make its way to the muscles.

In conclusion, - having a liquid post-workout shake, even if it's before your fast is broken, carries the benefit of building muscle. I'd do it. Just have your first solid meal in the prescribed time...(16/8 feeding window)

Here's a shake that's easy to make...

... BLITZ IN A BLENDER... and you're golden. Just make sure you enter the intake in your app.

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