Without getting all philosophical about insulin, let’s just say that the more insulin sensitive you are, the more nutrients are directed towards muscle building as opposed to storing fat. Years of eating haphazardly, have made most of us resistant to producing insulin and this is why fat has managed to accumulate. By reducing carbs completely for a while, your body will wake up and will utilize the food you’re putting into your system correctly. Essentially, you will pack mass onto your arms instead of fat on your ass. - and that counts for girls and guys.

Whenever I start a workout cycle, I "clean the pipes" by cutting out carbs altogether for 2 weeks.

30grams from a POST WORKOUT SHAKE is what's allowed. The free carbs found in vegetables are allowed, but for now, leave the bread, pasta, rice on the shelf. You can bring them back slowly by means of carb cycling (having more carbs on workout days) and intermittent fasting (having the carbs later in the day)

Remember - 2 weeks, no pasta - ;)

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