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Using MyPlate to keep track of what you're eating....

Good morning. Over the past few days, I have been happy to welcome some of our people back into the fray. Some of you have expressed that getting back onto the wagon (training and exercising), was important, because the weightless had come to a halt.I don’t stray from the recipe that I advocate. We are first going to get you back into Intermittent Fasting.

You don’t eat in a 16/8 hour window. You are also re-setting your endocrine system and getting your insulin sensitivity back in line.You only eat carbs in the form of a post-workout shake.Even if you do nothing other than this for the next 2 weeks, you will make progress. Even if you have your own workout regime, the weight will come off.The only way you will not lose weight, is by eating past your caloric requirements and getting your macro’s wrong. I’d like to walk you through this, step by step. It may feel like a drag in the beginning, but you should persevere because it adds a whole new dimension to the way you understand food.

Step 1 You filled in your coaching form…

Step 2

You received an email, explaining your Macro’s and Caloric requirements.It would read something like this…


Lean Body Mass - 188 lbsWorkout

Caloric allowance - 2708Non Workout Day Caloric allowance - 2500

Protein allowanceWorkout Days -150grmNon Workout Days - 130 grams

Carb AllowanceWorkout Days - 30 gramsNon Workout Days - 0 gramsFat AllowanceWorkout Days -220 gramsNon Workout Days - 220 gramsStep 4

Step 3

You've downloaded your MyPlate App and lunchtime rolls around...

Step 4.1

  1. Place your scale in front of you and set to zero

  2. Place your bowl onto scale

  3. Zero the scale with the bowl on it.


  1. Add your food to the bowl, one ingredients at a time.

  2. Open your MyPlate App

  3. Look for a dish which matches yours in the database and add meal size

  4. Hit "I ate this" and your App has tracked the salad.


  1. Make sure the scale reads zero

  2. Add your new ingredient (beef)

  3. Look it up on MyPlate and record

Step 5

As you fill your meal, you will see that the App will keep track of your overall calories. Keep an eye on your calories and remove all the guesswork.

If my overall NON-WORKOUT DAY CALORIC ALLOWANCE is 2500, this means that I still have 2500 minus 414 = 2083 calories to consume.

PROTEIN - my allowance for NON-WORKOUT DAYS is 130gramsAfter this meal, I am left with 88 grms (130 minus 42 grams)

CARBS - my allowance for NON-WORKOUT DAYS is 0gramsAfter this meal, I am left with MINUS 12 grams of carbs...

FATS - my allowance for NON-WORKOUT DAYS is 220 gramsI have only had 22 grams and have another 200 grams of delicious fats to add to the next meals.If you give yourself the time to get good at this, pretty soon, you will not even need the scale anymore. This is when you develop a feel for the food's nutritional value as well as the portion sizes.

Let's face it... we know of many different meals, but we generally stick to the same handful of dishes.The only peeps who don't lose weight, are those who are really off the mark with their food portions. Practice this method for a few days and you will have taken the guess-work out of the equation and replaced it with science.

If this article has inspired you to take action, then I invite you to fill in your FREE ONLINE ASSESMENT FORM. I will send you your TOTAL CALORIC REQUIREMENTS, your allowances (in grams) for Proteins, Fats and Carbs

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