The thing about getting older is that no one can see you’re still young on the inside

Don’t begrudge the seasons of your life. They are a welcome rhythm that we follow, one that binds us to the ebb and flow of all life.

That feeling however, that you are looking at an ageing outer with your young eyes, is because life cannot age your soul. One’s eyes are the gateway to the soul. Step in front of a mirror, but instead of looking at your physical appearance, take a deep look into your eyes. — you will feel it. There’s something inside you, staring back, which is timeless. Give it a try. I dare you to greet your soul today….

We are products of this earth and our lives, however short we believe them to be in the greater picture, are somehow attached to nature’s seasons. Flowers blossom, grow strong and then they fade away, only to be reclaimed by the earth, so that young life can claim the space which previously belonged to the old.

Flowers, creatures and yes, us “mighty” humans all have a place to take in life’s grand procession.

In the childhood years, we strive to grow and learn through play, equipping ourselves with the necessary experiences that we will carry far into our adulthood. (This is when much of our world view is formed. -ask your shrink why you are convoluted and they will often trace it back to this phase in your life)

Our adolescent years herald the advent of puberty. Hormones sharpen our senses as we become receptive to not only sexual exploration (what, there’s more?), but we also find our emotional, cultural and spiritual orientation.

Like young lions, we are constantly testing the boundaries and borders of our surroundings…

As the youthful lion progresses into a early adulthood, we turn toenterprise… It takes enterprise for young lions to find a mate, (maybe it takes more than one try), find its place in the tribe, and to make its mark. This is a busy stage, leaving little time for self contemplation. That picture perfect image of the growing lion finding his or her reflection at the watering hole is B.S. There are little lions to feed now and buck to be brought down, so mommy lion backs off.

Then, as midlife arrives and the hectic patterns of early adulthood begin to recede into a more settled life, there is a slow immersion into more existential questions. There is more time to reflect now. The little lions can now clothe themselves and drive themselves to any source of trouble in town. Suddenly the busy adult lion isn’t so busy anymore…. — After many years in young adulthood, of following society’s scripts we have a respite to reflect upon the deeper meanings of what we were put onto this earth for.Benevolence introduces itself into our lives like a questioning stranger. Your offspring has now assumed its own seat in the ferris wheel (but a few years behind you). During the more mature stage of life, there is now room for philanthropy (have some of my Kudu), volunteerism (Ok, I’ll help you to catch more Kudu) and mentorships (this is how you trip a running Kudu).

When we start getting a little too long in the tooth to chase down the Kudu, we are probably in our early 80’s in human years. — The elders, through their long lives, have acquired a rich repository of experiences, helping us to avoid the mistakes of the past while reaping the benefits of life’s lessons.

Then, alas, the time will come where the lion will have his final nuzzle with the cubs and bid farewell to the other tribe members and takes one last long walk into the bush, never to return to the tribe. The others will miss these absent elders, reminding us not to take our lives for granted, but to live each moment to the fullest and to remember that our own small lives form a part of a greater whole.

Each stage of life serves a purpose in our evolution and is its own unique contribution to the overall puzzle. Allow everyone in their various stages of living, to fit in and complete the puzzle topgether. Respect the process, because it is the one great constant. Seek out the statesmen, because they have already passed the zenith of the ferris wheel and have witnessed a view that you have as yet to rise into. Talk to them and ask many questions. Don’t let their memories dissolve with them.

If my grandmother, who is 95, were given a voice today, she would want to remind us that life is ever so fragile. She walked through the length of Europe with 2 babies while her husband was fighting a war that he was ordered to partake in. Two generations after the last great war, the young lions are once again itching for a fight.— We bemoan how busy the shops are while we are buying new sets of sneakers. Try not having shoes or knowing where your next form of transport is going to come from when you are on your way to collect food stamps when the money you stashed under your mattress is worth shit…

Welcome every phase in your life and revel it, not wishing for it to pass sooner. My daughter of 11 can’t wait to be a teenager… My father of 74 would give anything to be younger.

It’s ok, — you are exactly the right age right now.

Here’s a little trick, if your outlook becomes jaded… — You know those rose tinted glasses that you so easily wore when you were a kid?! — The ones that let you be curious, ask questions, poke things with a stick and put things into jars…? When it is time to do the adult thing, remember to sneak the glasses into your pocket. They may come in handy when people all around you are wearing their “serious adult” frowns…

Oh yes, and be less afraid! —

Except for bears, they scare the shit out of me too. When you see a bear, run! LOL

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