When your hormones are out of whack:

Waning Confidence

High testosterone is not about being aggressive. Testosterone is a man's body's life force. it directly impacts your energy and mood and your drive. Low T makes you less assertive. Confidence is what separates you from the also-rans and makes you stand out in the crowd. You're not going to achieve the life you want by playing it safe. If you lack confidence, a boost in your T levels is what you need. More T in your body changes the way you feel. You believe in yourself and you act accordingly.

It has been proven that your T Levels can stay high in your sixties, if you make correct lifestyle choices such as exercising, watching your fat levels and eating healthily...

Do this to increase your body's testosterone production

• Lift Heavy weights

• Do interval training

• Work your lower body

• Supplement with vitamin D

• Don’t smoke

• Supplement with zinc

• Sleep more than 6 hours per night

• Eat more protein

• Take Fish Oil

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