Why “fine” is just not good enough…

When last did someone ask you how you were doing and you answered something along the lines of “I’m fine thanks…”

What does being “fine” mean to you?

When the question is posed, do you run a quick inventory of your surroundings and, after noticing that the house is not on fire, the kids are still breathing and hubby seems to be on time for dinner, you say that life seems fine…?

What if you were to look a little deeper?

Maybe on a deeper level, you actually hate the house that is still standing because all you see is that white picket fence and it reminds you of all the dreams that you buried in the process of making sure that life was fine. What if the kids (that are still breathing), are actually driving you to the point of distraction, and what if the hubby who says he will be home on time, is boring you to tears…(why hurry home when all you do is plant yourself in front of the TV?)

Is everything really ….. fine?

I want you to pause for a moment and think about how you really feel. Please don’t just wipe a wet cloth over the situation by saying that things are …fine.

 “You may be fine, but are you great?”

Can you think of 3 random things that truly are great in your life? What makes them great? (My guess is that you can attach a sense of gratitude to whatever it is.)

As a little experiment, I want you to think of the things that are fine, hold them up to the light, and honestly ask yourself why these are not great! You see, if you label them as “fine” chances are that you will not do anything more about them.

If you are grateful, then these things ought to align with your inspiration. Your head is congruent with your heart in these matters… There is no disconnect. Your head knows something and it actually agrees with your heart.

“I am great and I will tell you why this is…

Express things this way and you will hear yourself talking about things that tickle your senses into life. You will feel inspired. These feelings will make you want to do more of that. Your mood will soar, and that’s what you want. (or would you prefer to mope?)

On the other hand, if you are just not feeling the love and a situation is truly getting under your skin, take the license to express this. You will find that the pure act of expressing your discontent will actually move you to action.. Your brain may even nudge you and say “hey dummy, why are you putting up with this in your life?” Get mad!… It may just ad some red colour into an otherwise grey day. (I’d rather have red than grey)

Lastly, I want to say this… You get what you put up with in life. If you put up with the middle road, then that is what you will get more of. How about making that middle road a little narrower. Put up with less of the average! Celebrate the good wholeheartedly. Condemn the bad. Get pissed off! Change happens through inspiration or it happens through desperation. Either way, you are changing. If you continue to just be fine and do what you have always done, you will get the same results. Action is an action and inaction is also an action, for they both lead you to an end destination.

Good luck out there, and fuck “fine”.

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