Small changes, and the gains just kept coming...

I'm in the sports industry and am exposed to many "fly-by-night" coaches. When someone told me about Thorsten's program, I was a little suspicious.

This all changed over the course of the transformation challenge. Not only was his content extremely motivating, but his availability when I had a question, really did separate him from all the others. The program has changed my life. I am clear-headed, I have energy, and I dropped 8Kg's of fat whilst gaining 4Kg's of quality muscle.... - not bad for a 50-year-old geyser. 

I will be embarking on the next course so that I can keep the gains and drop the fat. 

Thank you Mr Thorfit!!


Thorsten from Thorfit helped change my life and helped save my life.

Thorsten from Thorfit helped change my life and helped save my life. I was going through some hectic personal stuff and was diagnosed with depression. I was using food as comfort and would eat at any given moment even though I was full just to fill this constant void/emptiness, darkness...


I was introduced to intermittent fasting on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, I discussed it with Thorsten and he put me on this incredible Intermittent fasting program and eating plan with loads of various tips and an updated email every day for 72 days before Christmas.


I lost about 15kg ( 33 lbs) and my mental state changed, I had more energy and slowly climbed out of my dark pit... 🙈🤣😂 


I can’t wait to start the new program 😅. I'm not done yet!!


Thank you Thorsten!


Real results - Finally!!

I have always been healthy and trained but I never quite got the results that I wanted from the food part. What frustrated me is everyone had something different to say.


So I took on the THORFIT  72 day challenge without hesitation. I am finally started seeing the results I wanted. I actually had more energy from the fasting which most people advocate is the opposite. It is now a lifestyle I have adopted because it works for me. I can see my muscle definition just getting better. 

Can't wait until the next course begins. 


Over 10Kg's lost in the first 40 days!

Dear Thorsten

I’m writing to thank you for the inspiration and motivation to gain control of my body shape and rid myself of the Dad bod threatening to ruin my life.

While I was fairly active at gym ,surfing ,running etc yet I could just never rid myself of that back fat and stomach, no matter how many sit-ups and push-ups I did.

So our fortuitous casual conversation in late October where I remarked on your physical shape and condition inspired me to accept your challenge “loose your gut in 72 days”.

The initial transition from not feeding my face every 30min to a disciplined approach was not without its pain .Headaches, grumbling stomach and habit adaption took a few days to get used too, but within 2 weeks I had seen a drop in kilograms and rolls.

Within 42 days I had lost 8kgs and gained my body confidence and some cool muscles from a very basic gym routine. I never weighed or counted calories I just followed a rigid yet easy to maintain eating plan with a few tweeks to suit me. I’m seldom hungry anymore as my trough of healthy food awaits me at 13h00 sharp every day .

It’s the end of January my scale witnessing new lows on Tuesday  even with a few falling off the wagon eat when and what I like Christmas days.


Thank you for the daily written inspirational notes I received ,if you were putting as much effort to write to me there was no way that I was going to fail you in cheating .

I strongly recommend the cheat Day Sunday -My record 4 peanut butter smoothies, 3 hamburgers  and handfuls of sweet tooth eats still stands and I’m still aghast at Tuesday after my” eat anything and as much as I can  Sunday” that I continue to loose weight.

Break the bad habit, adopt a new healthy one and your life changes forever!


Thanks bru.


I was coaching people and not feeling great about myself

I am a personal trainer, and was falling into poor nutritional habits. Plus, my clients were not taking me seriously anymore. One of my students/clients mentioned that they had this course which was really easy to follow and implement. 

The fasting in phase 2 of the program was hard for me, but I stuck with it and pretty soon, I was operating with more energy, and the weight fell off despite eating what I wanted (minus the carbs and the sweets) - I feel good about myself again, and my business has picked up a lot. I now tell all my friends about this course. 


“I have tried and fail with a number of fad diets over the years and whilst I have been a regular in the gym, I wasn’t particularly happy with my weight or body shape. Thorsten invited me to join a small group of of his friends on a 72 day challenge in October last year. The challenge was to lose some weight, improve fitness and general lifestyle. I accepted the challenge but did so without too much expectation...... I felt I’d been down this bumpy road before. 

Well, I was wrong. It’s amazing how easy maintaining a healthy diet and regular fitness actually is. Being able to understand food input based on the amount of protein and good fats you can consume and the amount of carbs you should limit yourself to on a daily basis was a breath of fresh air but something I knew nothing about. Understanding how fasting works and training yourself to eat within certain timelines, allowing yourself a cheat day but then fasting for a full day or more the following day, the results were massive and quick...... 

Losing weight / maintaining your required weight wish / getting to and maintaining fitness levels is more about a lifestyle than a diet, this is something Thorsten taught me. What you eat is 70% of achieving this, exercise 30% - but you need both to get the results. 

If you put in a little effort and follow his lead you will change you lifestyle to a much healthier option...... Good luck.”