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How to lose 10lbs in three weeks and still eat the foods you love

They say that you can’t have your cake and eat it… Whoever coined that phrase was probably a somewhat morbid realist. 

I would argue, for the sake of the argument, that there are certain instances where diets can be counter-intuitive. I would like to propose that you could pack 7 meals of steamed chicken and carrots and perhaps butternut, or you could have a burger, smash an egg on top of it, and not be worse off than the guy who was hauling Tupperware across the country-side. 

There’s a principle in the dieting world, called Calories in vs Calories out… Essentially, and very easily, you should be hitting a caloric deficit at the end of your day. In other words, make sure you’ve burnt up what you’ve eaten and then make sure you burn a few more calories. I would not dip below a 500 calorie deficit when you balance the calories. The deficit is determined from the point of your maintenance calories. We work these out by calculating your lean body mass, or LBM. 

Let’s dismantle this a little further. An lb of fat contains 3,500 calories. This would suggest that if you maintain the deficit of 500 for 7 days, you’d have shed exactly an lb of fat. 

There are many apps with which you can track your caloric intake. It won’t take long to get used to entering the size of the portions and you won’t need to weigh everything with a scale. 

Strictly speaking, if you were preparing for a physique competition and needed paper-thin skin over your abs, you would probably want to go the low-fat steamed chicken route, because you can probably squeeze more protein into the same amount of calories as the burger smasher. 

We’re made to enjoy our food and I would suggest that if you’re aware of the calories in vs calories out principle, you’re sitting pretty. Keep your caloric consumption about 500 calories below your maintenance calories on non-training days and around 300 calories below maintenance on training days. 

This will allow you to factor in the caloric expenditure of the workout. 

If all this sounds like Greek to you, then you can hit the link below and find an assessment form, which I will be happy to work out for you. 

Take Care, and enjoy the burger




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