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By The End Of a Program, You’ll Know The Theory And Application To Be Able To:



If you’re frustrated with programs that don’t work, then I have good news for you.

After extensive research about why people fall off the wagon when starting a program, we have coined a system which not only delivers the best results in the market, but it ensures that you stay connected and on track. This is the result of years spent on and off the proverbial wagon of fitness nutrition.

Which course is right for you?

How many times have you signed up for coaching or started a program, or picked up a book which promised to finally stem the tide of your poor habits and lead you out into the light of great health and amazing abdominals? 

I have read so many books in the areas of health, fitness, and self-improvement and I am embarrassed to say that I have not completed most of the courses that I signed up for. This is not to say that I don’t get jazzed about the project. Sometimes I can’t enter my credit card details fast enough. – but then something weird happens…. A well meaning “expert” bombards me with a ToDo list that’s so long that I am completely overwhelmed and I shy away from the course, more because I feel that I cannot meet all these expectations 

In the olden days, I would run to the newsstand to get the latest Health and Fitness mags, featuring Arnold or Franco Columbo or any of the other legends. I would be quick to cut out a training regime and follow it, in an attempt to emulate my hero. 

The problem with this approach is that it often leads to overtraining. I was no Mr. Olympia contestant, and I was in no position to exert such volume in my training on my body. If I was not copying workouts, I would find an article about pre-contest dieting, thinking that I was going to be blessed with a diced and shredded midsection, just like the guy in the article. In this approach, I was also wrong. I never really achieved the midsection, because other parts of the puzzle were missing.

When it comes to weight loss and fitness programs

You can’t just adopt one part of weight-loss or fitness and hope that everything will fall into place.

This principle becomes even more applicable as we get older. As a 40 or 50-year-old Silverback, or Silver Vixen, your constitution and body are different from that of a 25-year-old gym instructor.

Your needs are different, so it must be said that even in the wild and wonderful online world, not all programs are created equal.


Small synergistic changes applied over a period of time can align the body from within, boosting one’s health and wellbeing exponentially. So in order for this LIFESTYLE SYSTEM to really stick, we have looked at the 4 cornerstones of health.

We call these the 4 F’s.







This area is particularly applicable to the 40plus Silverback.

The late 40’s are a dangerous stretch for most men. This is where disease can set in. This is a time when stress causes the most amount of heart attacks in men. We are great advocates of Fasting and a few of its permutations. If you were to ask me for a single practice, which has the greatest effect on your health and longevity, I would tell you that Fasting was the way to go. Not only does fasting give your body a much-needed rest to attend to house-keeping, but by removing dead cell tissue from your body (also known as Autophagy), but the positive effects of food abstinence, as applied over time, also have a dramatic effect on your insulin sensitivity. 

A lifetime of indulging in sugar has numbed your body to insulin, which is vital for hormone production and food absorption. When you fast, you give your body a much-needed break from sugar. You might not think this to be an issue, but the average modern diet includes around 300 grams of carbs per day. Anybody who has followed a low carb diet, will tell you that carbs crash your inulin levels and make you tired. We cover a wide variety of fasting modalities and find the one which is best for you. 

A lifetime of indulging in sugar has numbed your body to insulin, which is vital for hormone production and food absorption. When you fast, you give your body a much-needed break from sugar.



This area is where we teach you to gain an understanding of calories consumed and which proportions you should be eating for proteins, carbs and fat.

This is meant to be a lifestyle system instead of being called a diet.

So in keeping with the F’s, we want you to eat your favorite foods. If you’ve been fasting, then you’ve already omitted 11 meals. In the view of calories in vs calories out, you are suddenly landed with a caloric buffer. As long as you’re eating healthy foods… (yeah, I didn’t have twinkies in mind here), it really is no train smash to have that steak with the extra delicious fat on the side. This area is where we teach you to gain an understanding of calories consumed and which proportions you should be eating for proteins, carbs and fat. It will surprise you to learn just how lenient this program is.

Yes, you can chug down a 750gram porterhouse steak and still get leaner and meaner. Fat, when turned into a source of energy is not only your diet friend but also stills the mind and will aid concentration. Not all fats are created equal. We point you in the direction of the brown “good for you” fats. 

“That’s all good and great, but how do I know how much I can have?!” 

Fear not, we have calculators and nutritionists on standby to do the heavy lifting for you in this department.

When you’ve filled out a questionnaire, we gain a good understanding of your needs and starting point. We assess your LBM (lean body mass) and then apply basic science.

If a lb of fat contains 3500 calories, we ensure that you consume an amount below your maintenance caloric requirement. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently walk into any restaurant or your own kitchen, and know what to eat. We supply you with extensive lists of allowed foods as well as some pre-designed recipes which take into account the fact that we for instance don’t consume many carbohydrates during the first 2 weeks. 


Did you know?

Included with your coaching you’ll get EXCLUSIVE access to Thorfits own fitness app! Through our app you’ll receive daily content and instruction, and will be able to log your every step, as you begin this new chapter in your life. The programs you receive are generated by your coach and are tailor-made for your specific needs.



The training component of the course is entirely up to your discretion. If you're already involved with a trainer, that's awesome. We do advocate resistance training, especially for men, as this enhances your testosterone levels.

Not picking a fight with your wife or mother in-law. But you already knew that.

The benefits we reap from going to the gym stem from the physiological impact that your endorphins exert on your system. We’re talking about a style of training that will set your hormones optimally. As you move through the 3 phases of your course, your training needs will be adjusted accordingly. We begin with metabolic resistance training, which prevents the would-be novice from reaching early muscular fatigue. Essentially your training will make you aerobically fit as well as making your muscles stronger (and BIGGER!). This is optimal when you’re setting the foundation.

During the 2nd phase (month 2), we focus on making you stronger. With this, there are a few typical heavy-lifting techniques that we advocate. Here’s where the magic begins; we saturate you with calories to help your body get stronger. Then, during the last week, just when your body is about to respond to the larger calorie count, we pull back and confuse it even more by removing excess calories, with the overall effect being that you keep the muscle and actually get leaner. 

A lifetime of indulging in sugar has numbed your body to insulin, which is vital for hormone production and food absorption. When you fast, you give your body a much-needed break from sugar.

During Phase 3 of the program, you’re going to break the mold. We’ve spent 2 months getting your body aligned from within and now it’s time to capitalize on the muscle-building fat-burning testosterone-producing machine that you’ve become.

During Phase 3 of the program, you’re going to break the mold. We’ve spent 2 months getting your body aligned from within and now it’s time to capitalize on the muscle-building fat-burning testosterone-producing machine that you’ve become. What we’re after during this phase, is GH or growth hormone… This part should excite and intimidate you. The training component is hard. Also known as lactic acid training, this style of working out increases the time your muscles remain under tension. – The goal is to make you stiff and sore because, in the face of lactic acid, your Growth hormone levels go through the roof. You burn fat 3 times quicker when GH is in the house… 

After you have cycled through the 3 months of varying training styles, your body will have undergone significant changes. You’ll be a leaner, stronger version of your previous self.



Call this the area of the INTANGIBLES.  This isn’t hippie talk, – It’s cutting edge science. 

This is meant to be a lifestyle system instead of being called a diet.

You’re not going to find the happiness behind a perfect set of abdominal muscles – no matter how much you look like Brad Pitt from fight club. 

We focus on creating the “other” lifestyle habits that will make you a stronger human in both senses of the word. We focus on getting better sleep. We start a mindfulness practice. We e look at your morning routine. We reduce your screen time (should you need it). We make you aware of blue light in the working environment, and if you’re up to it, I’ll encourage you to meditate. I’ll explain why you cannot be anxious in the face of a gratitude practice and we’ll tie this back to hard science by way of introducing you to the concepts of Heart-rate variability. (HRV) 

Flow ensures that you are in tune and in sync with your environment. 



Does the PROGRAM advocate training and diets, based on my age?

Of course it does. We do our best to get to know what your individual needs are in order to get you optimal results.


Both. I mean, what good are great guns without great health? Seriously though, our primary focus is on overall life improvement.

Does the program work for women, since you're talking testosterone?

Absolutely. The proram focuses on correcting hormonal imbalances from the inside out, by addressing lifestyle. This benefit impacts men and women alike.

Does the nutritional advice cover the specific needs of 30 plus WOMEN TOO?

As part of the nutritional cocktail advocated to men over 30, bone density enhancing and joint lubricating foods should definitely be on the menu.

 If your program does not mention specific approaches to the 30plus nutritional style, perhaps they don’t really get you. 


HI, My Name Is Thorsten

How’s it going?
I am 53, years young. A messy divorce had left me physically and emotionally bankrupt. At the time, I thought I was the only one living in the grey every day that’s not really awful, but it’s not great either. I wanted to be the hero of my own story, and I decided to take ownership of my life. People began to notice this turnaround in me and started asking for my advice. I now help men and women just like me, to find their MOJO again. When you’re a little longer in the tooth than your average gym jock, your training and dietary needs are different. I have trained titans of industry. I have trained National athletes, Wimbledon tennis stars and I’ve trained my neighbor. 

I have spent years, researching and testing methods that work, and most of us 40plus men and women struggle with the following:

Our busy lives prevent us from finding the motivation to look after our bodies.
Our energy levels are lower than they used to be. We have tried and failed so often that we don’t REALLY expect the programs to work. We struggle with prevailing injuries because our joints are shot. Our metabolisms don’t operate as they once did, but there are ways to prevent metabolic slow-down. Many years of poor (ish) lifestyle choices have thrown our hormones out of whack. This program focuses on correcting this, as well as your insulin sensitivity so that the food you eat is turned into energy and muscle instead of a beautiful muffin-top. 

What can I expect from my Personal Coaching with Thorsten? Listen, you ALWAYS have a choice but please pause for a moment and consider your journey. Perhaps this is a fork in the road. You can choose to take action, or you can continue along the path you’re currently on.



When you get to the end of your 3 x 30 day cycles, you will be looking at the world with a new zest for life, because you will have:

Lost the muffin-top. Re-aligned your Insulin sensitivity
Eating foods that are good for you has become 2nd nature to you.
Your T-levels (guys) are up for the first time in years. (- and that’s just great for “youknowwhat”;)
Your clothes fit like they’ve been tailored for you. (and you ditch the fat clothes)
Friends and family will wonder if you’re having a mid-life crisis, to which you reply that your life WAS in crisis before you pulled yourself towards yourself…


It’s a free world and this is not a sales pitch, but suffice it to say that if you DON’T take action, you’re choosing to stay as you are:

Enduring muffin-top
Insulin resistance manifests itself causing a possible onset of sugar diabetes
Your testosterone levels continue to dwindle and soon your “maleness” is something not even your spouse remembers
Your fat clothes are looking old, because to buy more, would mean that you’ve actually given up
Your friends and family ask if your life is in crisis, to which you reply that at least it’s not a mid-life crisis…




We reveal the latest cutting edge techniques from the health and wellness industry and apply these into the easy-to-use system of the 4F’s


We’re with you every step of the way. Daily caloric requirements, workouts, tracking and reminders to keep you committed and making progress.


We help you monitor your calories and macros and make adjustments which ensure your progress remains on track.Your tailor-made program is mapped and planned with each new week.


Discuss your progress with other like-minded people from across the world. This forum is a source of motivation and support. You don’t have to do this alone.


Your coach is available anytime Do you have a question? Simply ask and he'll help guide you back on track.

Our Promise to you:

3 months from now, you’re going to be a completely different animal. Step behind the velvet rope of your personal fitness transformation. Of course it’s going to be work, but we’ll show you the way!



All that being said, our services are NOT for everyone.
This entire thing is a labor of love that I continue only because I want you guys and gals to succeed and believe in the value of what we have to offer.
If you want a no-stress solution to building your dream body, restoring your health, while having a metric ass-ton of FUN and building an epic life, then we should totally, ya know, be a “thing”.

You’ll become a member of the Thorfit Family and we’ll take care of all the hard stuff. You just agree to put in the work and trust the process and you’ll have the rocking body you’ve always dreamed of in no time.

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We just want to get to know you and make sure that you’re the right fit for this program before we get serious and make things “Facebook Official.”

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