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Is it possible to reverse ageing?

Is it possible to reverse ageing?

Did you know that the rate at which you age, comes down to 80% lifestyle and 20% inheritance. 2 identical twins, with differing lifestyles will reflect completely different biological ages. That is to say, the age of their bodies,  as seen separate from a chronological timeline. 

I’d like to leave you with a take-away from understanding what happens when we age. Once you have this insight, you’ll be better equipped to make changes that will literally extend your life.

Our cell’s ability to re-generate depends on gene expression. Imagine a CD, which, when read, is able to string certain information into a specific sequence of music. Our cells are the cd and the cd reader is the gene expression. When you’re functioning as you should, this cd is read perfectly and the reader reflects this by creating the appropriate cells in the right places. Through aging and poor lifestyle, our cd’s get scratched. The reader now begins to play the wrong notes. From a gene expression perspective, the wrong cells are built in the wrong areas. Consider a wart on your arm. It’s not meant to be there, but when building your skin, the reader was working with a scratched CD, so it built the wart in the wrong place.  Scientifically called X differentiation, ie knowing what goes where in the body. Aging happens when our gene expressions become diluted, allowing the wrong cells to be placed in the wrong places. 


We can learn how to stall or prevent our cd’s from becoming scratched by looking at the behaviors of other creatures.  Plants placed under stress produce resveratrol which is a stress response to hardship. Resveratrol reverses the x-differentiation decline. – it’s like polishing the cd, removing the scratches. On a biological level, humans can take resveratrol and it will do the same in your bodies as it does for plants. This literally prevents your x-differentiation from becoming confused. Simply said, – we can do things that will stop and even reverse the degeneration of our cells. 

How far can the clock be reversed?

A few months of treatment can reverse your biological aging by 2,5 years. Imagine you do this for years. People have been known to reverse their age by 20 years, simply by creating an environment where your x-differentiation is brought back on track. 

Where is this all heading? – When we employ what we learn under the microscope and apply these to ourselves, we can literally stall and even reverse the decay of our gene expressions and thus aging. 

A takeaway? – We have some very concrete tools in our toolbox that will slow down the rate at which we decay.

What can be done to polish the cd readers that are our gene expression?


When you place your cells under stress, they become stronger. 
When you place yourself in an uncomfortable situation, the cells adapt. (You grow muscles, your aerobic abilities improve) Exercise trains your cells to be more adapted to taking stress. The more robust your cells are, the longer they will live.


We tend to hyper saturate our systems with sugar. This sugar surrounds our protein cells in a syrupy Treakle and this does not allow for optimal gene expression. This can be fixed by putting less sugar into our systems. Cutting out sugars will ad years to your life.

Stay hungry 

When you get hungry, your body is allowed to attend to the maintenance of the system by removing the damaged sections of the CD, also called autophagy.

Conventional wisdom predicates that we treat a symptom. Disease in an area of the body is an outward manifestation of something not working as it is meant to. By zooming in deeper than the manifestation, and witnessing what’s happening to us on a cellular level, we’re able to address these imbalances before the symptoms begin to manifest.

The idea of influencing your longevity is one that one listens to with half an ear, in that the demise of our cells happens imperceptibly slowly. This is why there is often no immediate urgency to let’s say put out that cigarette or eat the donut. Let’s just say that our knowledge of how we can remain fresher for longer, is improving every day, and can be implemented with basic lifestyle changes, nutrition, exercise, and the practice of not eating. 

If you understand what confuses our gene expression and are able to make those tweaks to ensure that your cells continue to do what they are meant to, you can ensure that when your chronological clock hits a certain age, your biological clock is not on the same timeline, and that’s pretty awesome news. 



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