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Phase 1 – The Re-Set

Introducing the 4 F’s of amazing health

This phase is all about setting the basics in place. If you’ve been diligently working on your waist or ass for years, and now carry a big one, – fear not! It may have taken years for you to lose your mojo in the cracks of your sofa cushions, but believe me, you’ll be seeing results so quickly, that you’ll be left wondering why in God’s cotton-picking world, you had not started any sooner. The reason is that you’ve never had a program that would ask you to make such small changes in different areas of your life, that you hardly even feel put out.

The reason this program is so effective is that we use a 4 pronged attack to effect the changes. It’s not a nutrition program, nor is it a training program, nor is this a course in food abstinence and it’s also not a life coaching program.

Fact is, it’s all of these rolled into one. When you carefully co-ordinate these 4 elements into one collective approach, then the sum of their collective creates an overall effect that is far superior to any of these disciplines applied individually. 

1 + 1 really can = 3

It’s important to note that this course works for men and women of all ages. In fact, the sooner we learn to apply these principles, the greater these will benefit us for the long run. 


Since time immemorial, religious propagators have fasted to gain control of their animal brains and free themselves from the slavery of their own habitual knee-jerk behavior. (Jingle starts on the TV, and inexplicably you see your feet shuffling to the fridge and without even thinking about it, you wake up on the couch with a half-eaten bag of Dorito’s resting on your belly)

The benefits of fasting are huge for your brain as well as the body. We’re going to ease you into this form of discipline and before you know it, you will be doing this without an internal struggle. Simply by adding IF (intermittent fasting to your schedule, you’re increasing your Growth Hormone levels by around 2000%) How does one achieve this? Eat more before you go to sleep. Then get at least 6 hours of rest. When you wake up, don’t eat. Instead, drink some water or tea or coffee and push breakfast back by a couple of hours.

Yes, we actually ARE what we eat and or drink. Let’s face it… – we all have to shove something into our gaping mouths, chew as many times as mom told us to, and then swallow and repeat. They say that weight loss transformations are won or lost in the kitchen and not in the gym. Someone who eats right and “trains” by playing Bingo with mates, is going to be way more successful than the person who eats poorly, but rolls into the gym with his mate “Arnold”, killing heavy set after heavy set. Your food choices develop your brain muscle, while your training develops well, – your muscles. Learn to control what and when you put stuff in your mouth, and you become good at other things.

During phase 1, we re-set your insulin levels. By ignoring simple sugars and carbs for a period of 2 weeks, we take you from a state of insulin resistance (brought about through habitual sugar binges, etc) to a state where you are insulin sensitive. Once in this state, the food you consume changes from “Regular unleaded” to the cleanest, meanest high-performance octane your body can consume.

I will teach you how to gauge how “expensive” food is that you put into your mouth. After a while, you will develop an intuition for which foods, how much, and when to eat. We will look into , Calories in vs Calories out, create a negative caloric balance and melt that flab away. Your results during this phase can be dramatic and after the month is over, you will ask yourself why you did not start this any sooner.

In the sequence of things, and having explained how important the food aspect is, we may be tempted to scoff the training and I urge you NOT to. Have you ever woken up in a bad mood? – Someone tells you to snap out of the mood, and pretty soon, you’re in a worse mood. In my own experience, I am only now beginning to learn that we are in fact quite capable of controlling our thoughts. It’s an ongoing struggle and I wish my brain muscles were at least as developed as my under-developed calf muscles. – but alas… BUT WAIT… I’m not done. You see, the fighting part is like a pair of jumper cables to a better mood. When you get sweating, your head moves out of your head, and you begin to focus on the here and now, ie the task at hand. You forget about your bad mood and get on with things. Pretty soon, your endorphins are cranking, you carry a smile on your dial and the colors look brighter from underneath your previously furrowed brow. Psychology follows physiology.

Your first month of training is designed to improve your insulin sensitivity and spark hormone production. While the workouts are metabolic and will crank up the rate at which you burn calories, both inside and out of the gym, they are designed to reinforce moment patterns that you need to master.

You are welcome to choose your own training modus. Whether you’re a home trainer, or you enjoy hitting the gym, the choice is yours. What’s important is that you hit it hard and consistently. Keep tracking. 

When we get older, the weight of the world seems to find us in bed and then begins to weigh heavily, leaving us sleep-deprived.

I’m going to show you how to fix this without needing medication, weed, or other forms of sedatives. We’re going to talk meditation, gratitude, binaural beats, and even explore some of the more esoteric approaches to getting your Sleepy Panda to the fore. An hour more of quality sleep at night will turn your muscle hypertrophy into believing it’s inside Arnold’s or Wonderwoman’s body.

It will make you think more clearly and since your body has a chance to remove all the accumulated dead cell garbage in your body, you’re gonna live longer for sure.

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