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“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

On becoming Thorfit

Thorfit – My direct line to the Viking god, you will find in my name Thorsten, in a literal sense, means son of Thor, God of Thunder.
They were indeed a fit bunch, making life within their geographical reach very difficult for the victims of their conquests
When the Vikings invaded Britain, they found a target that had succumbed to the easy life.Their physical strength was their trump card.

At Thorfit, we don’t want to invade countries, we don’t want to fight anything else, but the aging process which has taken hold of the men and women, the homo sapiens who has submitted to the pursuit of success, albeit gauged mostly in monetary terms and has finally reached that sweet surrender stage of accepting their youth has gone and the energy, the good looks, the honed body, vigor and self-motivation and often with that, the misinterpretation of the real self or what you could still be, if only…

This is where I come into the picture with Thorfit. My slogan is easy.

Men salom en corpore sanum

A healthy sane mind and a healthy body. If you want that to be you, it will take nothing more than following a proven but simple road map, although not researched only by myself in the past decade but by many many sports scientists, psychologists, and active supporters of this over many trials, proven outcomes and all without the proverbial snake oil. – Just focus, learning, understanding, and the willingness to suspend disbelief that the creation of new habits can and will re-set your health, your life, and how you view it.

Shake off that coat of the silverback or the silver vixen. Claim back to your core strengths, back to humanity’s real state of being. No more inhibitions to take off your clothes (although you can leave your hat on) Sexual attraction becomes a reality again. Gone will be the beer belly, the muffin top…

You will once again pick up heavy things without back pain. You’re getting strong again and you learn to be proud. Your core strength will improve. You eat and train with a carefully mapped out multi-pronged, habit-driven approach that can never do you any harm. It can only do you good.

As you know, there are 2 parts to your brain that will come to your assistance in re-building yourself… The conscious mind, and the subconscious brain, the part that unconditionally executes the instructions you give it. Plant the correct images and actions into your inductive faculty and your subconscious will make sure that your actions and ensuing habits will translate into actions that will give you back your health, your vigor, and your sexiness. Primal love is rooted deep within our subconscious minds. To experience this, men give things through bartering, and provide security, status while women provide children, take care of the family, and sex. Lust is the lubricant that brokers the deal. When men experience orgasms, men and women receive a shot of Dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Interestingly, it’s the anticipation of dopamine that is where we derive our pleasure. When dopamine is delivered, the pleasure shot subsides and love and lust simmer down. Often, as nature intended it, the lustful sex life is replaced with a love based on security, comfort, and calm.

Most of my followers have been through that security phase and have had to give up on the lust factor. I said we’re after a healthy mind and a healthy body. It goes without saying that sex is an important part of a holistic life and will benefit tremendously…

Perhaps one should compare this life force with a Christmas tree.

On a dark night, if there are no lights, we’re not visible. We don’t seem to exist. Silver and Gold adornments may make us shine during the day, but in the darkness of a troubled life, we may feel worthless. The weak lights are disconnections, burden, stress, rushing into rush hour traffic, or rushing to do the deal. The dim light will tell us that we exist, but they won’t tell us who we are, or what we deem our wroth to be. Weak lights may make us feel that our lives are a blur, while the bright lights will tell us who we are. They cement our relationships. They bring motivation. They bring the passion to be. Thorfit has taken the responsibility to switch those lights on again. Feel your worth once again. Respect and love your real self, make you forget about the number of your age.

They say, Carpe Diem, I say Carpe momentum. Don’t wait. Get off the couch, get out of your comfort zone. Do it for yourself, nobody else. The costs – like a bad meal in an expensive restaurant.

Live life, speak your mind.. Insist that there’s a song in you yet, become Thorfit!

The journey won’t be perfect. You’ll be tempted to quit. You’ll listen to the sirens of lethargy, calling your name as you navigate your way to a stronger, better you. 

Know that odds are stacked in your favor because you’re not shooting in the dark. You have a guide and, as your guide, who has traveled this path with many others who have faced similar trials, so please, have some faith that a better life awaits. You’re your own best investment, and now it’s time to invest a little time, a little planning, and some sweat…

 – Thorsten


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