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When people around you are testing positive

When people around you are testing positive

Today I was informed that a kid in my boy’s classroom-tested positive for the Rona. So he came into contact with someone who knows the kid, and has come into contact with his sisters, who have come into contact with the mailman, who came into contact with… – you get the drift.

As a consequence, we have been instructed to SELF ISOLATE for the next 10 days.  You’ve probably also experienced similar situations. It almost feels as if the dreaded bug is moving closer every day. 

What can we do?  

Heck, there’s so much you can do, but fear-mongering and relying on your Facebook stream to discover the name of the next strain is not at the top of my recommendations. Instead, I would urge you to take some time to focus on yourself. See what you can do to build your immunity. Even in this department, there are many recommendations. Instead of throwing the proverbial health bible at you, let’s start small. 



Vitamin D is a mood booster and since many physical ailments begin in the mind, I’d urge you to make this micronutrient your friend. 


Vitamin D reduces depression
Research has shown that vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression. In one study, scientists found that people with depression who received vitamin D supplements noticed an improvement in their symptoms.
In another study of people with fibromyalgia, researchers found vitamin D deficiency was more common in those who were also experiencing anxiety and depression.
The indoor blues will not feel as daunting when you have upped your internal D reserves.
Vitamin D fights disease
In addition to its primary benefits, research suggests that vitamin D may also play a role in:
If your public enemy number one is the flu – then the big D is definitely your friend.
Vitamin D boosts weight loss
Consider adding vitamin D supplements to your diet if you’re trying to lose weight or prevent heart disease. You can find a great selection of vitamin D supplements on Amazon.com.
In one study, people taking a daily calcium and vitamin D supplement were able to lose more weight than subjects taking a placebo supplement. The scientists said the extra calcium and vitamin D had an appetite-suppressing effect.
The trip to the fridge can be a knee-jerk reaction to boredom, and if the D slows down your appetite, your waist and self-esteem are all the better off for it.
Food sources of vitamin D
Few foods contain vitamin D naturally. Because of this, some foods are fortified. This means that vitamin D has been added. Foods that contain vitamin D include:
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • egg yolk
  • shrimp
  • milk (fortified)
  • cereal (fortified)
  • yogurt (fortified)
  • orange juice (fortified)
It can be hard to get enough vitamin D each day through sun exposure and food alone, so taking vitamin D supplements can help.
How much do you need?
There has been some controversy over the amount of vitamin D needed for healthy functioning. Recent research indicates that you need more vitamin D than was once thought. Normal blood serum levels range from 50 to 100 micrograms per deciliter. Depending on your blood level, you may need more vitamin D.
The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences reports new recommendations based on international units (IUs) per day. IUs are a standard type of measurement for drugs and vitamins. IUs help experts determine recommended dose, toxicity, and deficiency levels for each person.
One IU is not the same for each type of vitamin. An IU is determined by how much of a substance produces an effect in your body.
The recommended IUs for vitamin D are:
  • children and teens: 600 IU
  • adults up to age 70: 600 IU
  • adults over age 70: 800 IU
  • pregnant or breastfeeding women: 600 IU
So, don’t forget about the D. It will alleviate your mood and make you a more pleasant person to be around during the confinement. 
And instead of reading the news for hours, try informing yourself about the different ways of building your immunity.  Burglars avoid houses where there are dogs in the yard. The grim reaper avoids people whose health is vigorous and strong like a pit-bul. 


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