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Eating before bed is better than eating breakfast

Eating before bed is better than eating breakfast

I know I’ll get some flack for this, but hear me out…

Eating late at night is actually one of the best things you can do for your body, especially if you have an eye on fat loss AND longevity. 

For starters, let’s not forget one of the most basic laws –

Thermogenesis, (also known as Calories in vs Calories out)

…that is, while the types of foods you eat is very important, your weight is dependent on how many calories you eat (calories in) compared to the calories you burn (calories out)

The renowned nutritionist Alan Aragon states that your body does NOT store fat more readily during the evening than at any other point during the day.

The pre-bedtime feed has a few positive effects which you may not have thought about:
  • For one, a satiated state will allow you to sleep better. A hungry body won’t find sleep as easily.
  • Your body will charge up on fuel so that you are energized and can hit the ground running in the morning.This is useful for those who like to work out in the mornings. Breakfast before weights does not avail the energy to your system as readily unless you’re loading up on fast-acting sugary foods. (but don’t get time started on sugars) 
  • If you’re taking advantage of the benefits of waste removal in a fasted state, and you should, then the late-night feed will bridge the energy gap between dinner and your first meal, which would be later in the day. Autophagy clears out the unwanted cells and assists your body’s house-keeping. 
Eating more calories at night makes more sense from a lifestyle perspective.

Do you have more breakfast meetings or more dinner parties? 

Do you prefer drinks at night, or in the mornings? 

Eating at night is an essential component of the social fabric of our society, and living in a world where you can’t languish around a meal with friends and family, is dumb and restrictive. It’s a reason why people hate dieting. I encourage people to have their largest meal at night, to eat their fill of carbs at night (whilst keeping to their caloric budget)

Your body will look better for it. You won’t wake up feeling hungry every morning and you will have less stress planning your day. 

You know you’ve found an eating regime that works for you, when it dovetails well with your lifestyle, and allows you to be in the shape you choose. If you’re aware of thermogenesis, and you have a little caloric budget left by the time the sandman calls, have that little ‘feel-good-snack” and hit the sack. 



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