Intermittent Fasting Is Indeed The Answer

Yes, – I can hear you thinking right now…. ”What, I need to starve? What about my metabolism? won’t it slow down? I won’t have energy and I can’t build any muscle…  The most accurate definition is the simplest one. – it is merely alternating intervals of not eating with times when you’re allowed to […]

Wellbeing Over 35

Our men’s health enthusiast shares his tips and tools for maintaining vitality. It would be great if you could take as holistic a view as possible, including things like supplements, nutrition, exercise, downtime, social and workplace wellbeing, etc. Ordinary men can become heroes Why don’t we, as ordinary men, understand the levels of greatness we […]

4 Life-Savers When You’re Down And Out

I remember the day it hit me in the face like a freight train. My life as I knew it was about to change forever. I had been married for just over 10 years. I had 3 beautiful children and my family was about to break up. Things were never going to be the same […]