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Deep work, – It’s the only way

Deep work, – It’s the only way

I’d like to share a thought about the marvels of the internet. 

10 years ago, when you wanted to tackle a project, you may have found yourself looking for your library card. You’d trawl into a quiet room, watched by the beady-eyed matronly librarian. You’d hope that she didn’t notice your outstanding book fines, as you gathered books that could be relevant to your cause. 


Today, there’s no need to get all jittery about the trip to the library, because what you seek is literally at your fingertips, and can be found on your smartphone. The world is filled with online courses, youTube video tutorials, and the like. I sometimes marvel at how my 13-year-old son can work things out by asking the right questions on YouTube and then having his phone next to him as he follows the steps. 

I’ve been a great proponent of finding teachers online. My Audible account has 80 books in it and I get emails from so many great people. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a knowledge slut…lol 

Here’s the point, I’d like to make. One of the peeps whom I follow (Jay Chetty) recently conducted an interview with Bob Procter, an old-school lifestyle coach, who is probably up there with the likes of Tony Robbins. In the interview, Bob hauled out a book called “Think and Grow Rich” and explained that he read this book every day, and had been doing so for the past 40 years. – Whaaaat? – 40 years is a mighty long time to be reading the same text. Bob went on to explain that much of our learning is useless. We read a thing and we may understand it, and make a note or two. – But do we actually use the knowledge we’ve attained, or do we leave and head for greener pastures of learning? I can attest to being one of those people, and I’m about to change this. You see, I’d get all jazzed about a new bit of learning, but would I actually take the time to implement the knowledge that was shared? Do I ingest and assimilate the knowledge? My answer would be a reluctant “no, not really” 

I have read so many books and rarely find myself translating the knowledge into a viable action list. This said, I have resolved to mend my ways, and this is what I’m doing now. 

I chose 2 books, the best ones that I have read. I am re-reading these amazing road-maps to better living, and combing through them now, page by page, with a comb so fine, that would work on a barbie doll. I’m not looking for the next fix anymore. I’m writing my to-do’s based on only those 2 books of knowledge. 

The path has suddenly become clearer. The road has become a little straighter. The more I assimilate what is in those 2 books, the more I am aware that if whatever it is that I am doing, does not complement the path I am following, then I’m not interested in taking on more reading. 

To come a full circle, I can compare the learning that I am undertaking, with the teaching/instructions from my own writing and courses. If you trust that your teacher has been down the road that you wish to travel, and you follow the steps to a T, you’re going to increase your chances of succeeding by a whole bunch. 

My challenge to you, is to pick someone whose teachings resonate with you. They just “feel” right. Now work through the materials like a forensic auditor. I can almost guarantee that your progress will become exponential. Repetition is the mother of all learning. Each new run-through should offer new insights, and this process of constant tweaking is bound to get you there. 

Many cooks can literally spoil the broth of your progress, so pick one or two who work for your needs and then become a student of that work. It’s what I have been doing of late, and I am witnessing a building of momentum, which I have never experienced before. 

You’re welcome to hit me up for a list of great teachers. Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to send you a few Guru’s (but not all, because that’s just too many) 


Have an awesome week! 





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