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Choose your pill

Choose your pill

Making sure your workout is "age appropriate"

If you have an existing training program which is helping you to achieve fantastic gains, I would almost suggest that “if it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – but most of us look for a new program, because we want to level up. Maybe you’re the guy or gal who finds a program in a fitness magazine and then gives it a go. While I would applaud that you’re seeking a solution, I would venture to say that you’re doing yourself a disservice. A program, written by a semi-professional gym dude who is half your age,  is not going to be right for you straight away, because it can lead to overtraining. This will place stress on your system and manifest itself in elevated Cortisol levels.

This can force your other hormone levels to drop and you won’t have the testosterone and growth hormones needed to see gains appear. This is not only ineffective, but it’s also counterproductive. In order to reverse the trend, you need to stop doing what you’ve always done.

You need to cut out training according to a program which only lasts for about 4 weeks.
You need to subscribe to definitive, and not generic nutritional advice.
You need to keep food out of your mouth for 16 hours straight.

There is plenty of proof that there’s a David (sculpture) in every man (or a Venus in every woman) – you need only flip that hormone switch.

Some of the best physiques out there belong to people who are over 40. Years of regular training have tempered their bodies into shapes which many 20-year-olds would give their left “you-know-what” for. 

The needs of us 40plus men and women change, because our bodies don’t respond as they used to. 

Our joints are prone to wear and tear.

Our metabolisms are not as responsive. 

We’re strong but break more easily than our younger counterparts. 

Our nutrition may require supplementation. (collagen etc)

Our fat-burning zone requires lower cadence

I realize that some of this program may feel like a stretch. You may not have grasped the concepts of program stagnation or metabolic slow-down. Maybe GH and testosterone or insulin still sound like illegal terms, but they are the most natural hormones known to man. I will shed light on the “why’s” as we progress. At this point, you only need to make that one decision… believe that a better body and a healthier, more energetic life are very realistic options and that there was a reason for every previous frustration that stood in your way before.

If you do it as per the instructions, and setting yourself up to get good at the movements, you are laying the foundation for the best possible transformation. Remember that the exercises and the way they are performed serve as a system activation switch.

In conclusion… Choose your pill. Make sure that the program and nutrient prescriptions are cognizant of your “advancing age” – and remember… You’re only as old as you feel you are 😉 



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