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The truth is like the center of town…

The truth is like the center of town…

I had a thought which I would like to share with you… Thoughts are like slippery fish… We don’t often hang onto them for long enough to make a difference in our days. All too often they escape over the side only to re-join the other 10,000 other thoughts we have in a day, so let me honour you for pausing to read this, by inviting you to think about something with me.

Truth is truth, right? It’s like the center of town… It doesn’t matter how you get to it… – there it is.
So there’s a truth, discovered by Wilfredo Pareto, also known as the 80/20 PRINCIPLE. Essentially it espouses that 80% of your results will stem from 20% of your efforts. Seen from an effort level perspective, 80% of your progress will come from the last and extra rep that you squeeze in at the end of the set. For a salesperson, you’ll probably find that those last and final cold calls, when everyone else has gone home, will set him apart from his peers and place him in the top percentile of the company.
There’s another “center of town” truth that works with percentages. The idea of COMPOUNDING INTEREST is surprisingly consistent across all areas of life. You’re either in the plus or in the minus. You’re either expanding or contracting. So the idea of “Just-one-more” (remember the last rep?!) can count in your favor or it can count against you (just-one-more cookie). You see, if you’re expanding, then the “just-one-more” will compound in your favor, LIKE AN EXPANDING BANK ACCOUNT… earning interest on top of interest. Then, looking back, those small little habits will validate Mr. Pareto’s idea, that a handful of little habits make the biggest difference.

The moral of this? Make sure that your “just-one-more” is in the light and it serves you. If your “just-one-more” happens in the dark, and you think it’s ok, – be aware that compounding interest cuts both ways.
Those little allowances will cut you down in the long run. This is the center of town, the undeniable truth…

So stack those good habits and compounding interest will see to it that you thrive.

Make an effort to be nice to people.

Do that last rep. Save a little.

Be true to your word.

Stand in the light.

Beware of the “just one more’s” because they also add up faster than you think.
Ok, time to throw my fish back in the water… 



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