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Feast, then Fast…

Feast, then Fast…

If you’ve been starving yourself on any caloric deprivation program, I want to suggest that you have yourself a cheat day. It’s the day when you can and should just eat what the hell you want to. If you’ve been following the course to the letter, then you’ve been in a state of caloric deprivation for a month, and your system is beginning to smell a rat… –

What I mean by this, is that your body has recognised that it’s being starved. Its natural reaction to this, is to set aside some reserves for the onset of the impending drought. This is also known as metabolic slow-down. You can trick your body into believing that the there’s no caloric famine, by systematically overfeeding it for a day.

This is great news, because it’s fun. You can literally take a trip to your favourite food den, and have whatever you want to. If you’ve been eating around 500 calories below your daily maintenance allowance, you can now lean into anything you like and not feel bad (try 10,000 calories from a family-sized tub of ice-cream). You’re doing yourself a favour. I know that it’s counter intuitive. It’s taking a step back, so that you can take 2 forward. I always end up leaner and lighter in a Tuesday morning…


– Wait a minute… did I just say Tuesday?

Yeah, there’s a little price to the Gustatory damage that you were asked to inflict on yourself…

Monday you get to do absolutely nothing when it comes to food.

If Sunday night’s feast turned your kitchen into a crime scene…then imagine the yellow police tape being wrapped around your fridge… It’s a no-go zone.

I can already hear you asking, yeah, can I have a little of this or a little of that…?

Here’s the answer:
NOOOOOO!!!!!! 😉

Steer clear of any solids. Have a black coffee and drink water.
If you feel like you’re going to pass out, then have a Bulletproof coffee, but try not to.

Monday’s are not easy when you’re fasting, but life is not easy either. Set yourself a challenge. If you can build the mental fortitude to NOT reach for food, then you can navigate many other challenges better in your life. You’ll survive a day without food. I watched Papillion yesterday. – That guy spent 2 years locked up in a cell, on his own … in the dark and still came out the other end, with the will to live and finally escape. (actually it was 5 years, but you get my point)

Before anything, food is a mental relationship, and how you use and abuse it is a direct reflection of how you handle other area’s of your life. If you can turn the food button off for a day, you’re exercising power. I’m not talking about dieting and insulin nuances here. I’m challenging you to step away from habits for a day. Take back control!

It’s tough, but you can do it. Feast, then Fast! – works for me. Try it out.

PS – If you’re still in the re-set phase, please ignore my rant, and continue stepping away from the sugar, sugar.




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