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Milkshakes and mindsets

Milkshakes and mindsets

Mindset can be defined as a set of core assumptions that simplify the way we see the world around us.

In this way, we don’t have to think consciously about every little action we take. Imagine having to re-consider why you should brush your teeth every morning. We’d be stuck in a constant loop of ponderings.

What we should be aware of though, is that our mindsets are not always the creations of our own individual minds. Sometimes our mindsets are formed by Social context. In other words, we form opinions based on what the herd is thinking. This doesn’t only apply to which side of the fence you fall on when discussing shampoo testing on bunnies, – it applies pretty much to your orientation to everything, even your health, how you eat, exercise, etc. – and since this has a direct effect to how much time you’re going to spend on this crazy planet, you should be vigilant to what you allow to settle into this mind of yours.

Your orientation to “generally accepted norms” has a physical effect on your health. – Yip 

In a study we can refer to as “The milkshake study” subjects were given an averagely loaded drink (speaking calories here) . Except the one group was told that the shake was extremely high in calories. The other group was told that the drink was healthy and sensible and low in calories. – same drink. When tested, the group with the high-calorie drink, exhibited really low ghrelin levels.

Ghrelin is the hormone that is excreted when your body is telling you that it’s hungry. When this is out of control we are prone to eating anything that doesn’t get up a tree quick enough. The other study group with the sensible drink did not feel satiated after consuming it and probably stopped off at a MacDonald’s drive-through after the experiment. – What this goes to show, is that how we perceive caloric value, has an effect on what our body tells us hormonally. – a startling revelation, perhaps not worth a Nobel peace prize, but the take-away here is that if you tell yourself that you’re eating indulgently, (even if not), then you can trick yourself into feeling satiated.

I’m not telling you to view your chicken salad as if it were Garfield’s lasagne, but maybe you should sprinkle some Feta and or bacon over your salad, chill a little and when you’re munching away, focus on the decadence of the delicious flavour. The caloric trade-off is marginal, but you’ll have satisfied that basic human need for indulgence. On a physical level, Ghrelin will not start a hunger mutiny , and your taste-buds will thank you.

Our Social media timelines are constantly admonishing us about not being Goggins or hardcore enough in pursuit of the perfect abs, and this is a dangerous context. Focus on how delicious that burger is and you’ll feel full and you may just crack a smile. Feel like a rabbit when you’re eating the carrot and chances are, you’re going to have that burger anyway. Your relationship to the food you have determines how your body is going to process it… Welcome the odd taste explosion into the temple that is your body, and chances are, your body will treat it as an honored guest, and process it with aplomb. Conversely, if you attach a mountain of misery to the odd indulgence, you may just be setting off a chain reaction where the body is a displeased host, creates acid, does not like what you’re feeding it… and we know that little good happens when rooted in guilt.



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