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So you started your magnificent project and things are going really well. 

You can feel the momentum growing as you tick off the boxes…. 

But suddenly…. The enemy raises its ugly head. 

Resistance sets in. The wheels come off, things suddenly don’t look so good anymore. This is the point when the majority (myself included) become like Dori (remember her?) and instead of squaring off against the seagulls, we get exited about another shiny little object in our periphery. This is such a picture book flow of events and while we think that our little scenario is 

Unique ….

it is not. 

Resistance is that malign force in nature that each and every one of us who inhabit this little blue planet, must overcome. 

Ask any of the greats, Picasso, Michael Jordan or Mother Theresa… it’s inside them and it’s in every single one of us

What is resistance? Let’s be clear. It’s your enemy… 

It will aim to kill you and your project. 

The enemy resides inside you, but it is NOT …you. 

“On the field of the self, stand a knight and a dragon” 

You are the knight and resistance is the dragon you must do battle with. 




But there’s hope, because Resistance only arises second. 

First comes THE DREAM, the inspiration. Resistance is the response to the small time ego, the shadow self, the doubt in you. 

The ying to the yang 

In greek Eros and Dynamus are the creative forces which stem from our higher and creative selves. 

If we are to see the fulfilment of our creative drives through to the end, we must summon all the forces nature has given us.

In myths and legends, a champion arrives to assist the hero. In Native American myths, it’s often an animal.

In norse mythology it was a crow

The 3 wise men were guided by the symbol of the star, which represents the as yet unmanifested. 

All these aides are representatives of the bridge between hope and reality, the faith we require to convert our idea into reality. 

If we are to see our goals to fruition, we must align ourselves with these universal forces and ride into battle. 

To kill resistance, you need to pass 2 tests

Test 1 – How badly do you want it? 

  1. I’m experimenting
  2. Im interested
  3. Im intrigued 
  4. Im passionate
  5. Im totally committed

Test 2 – Why do you want it?

  1. I deserve it
  2. I will gain recognition
  3. It looks like fun
  4. It will bring recognition
  5. I have no choice

Only answers 5 are reasons strong enough to beat resistance

When the  Colosseum arena doors open, you need to check these at the door, for they will weigh you down… 

Your sense of entitlement 

Your anger

The fact that you were neglected as a child

Also, your cuteness, adorability

The only things you get to keep when the battle commences are 

Your love for the work

Your gritty passion

The process of creation will be messy. It is marred with blood and heartache. 

-To kick resistance’s butt, you have to get into the arena. Oh, you’re gonna get your ass kicked too.

If courage is a value you hold, then getting whooped is a consequence. 

But unless you’re climbing into that arena and doing battle, I’m not interested. 

To Do lists aint gonna help. Relatives won’t cut it. 

The only person who can pull this off is you. You have a dream because you can see the as yet unmaifested. It’s your connection to the Gods. Now it’s time to face the forces of doubt and lethargy. 

The path you have chosen is laden with opportunity,

Yet it is also brought with heartache and despair 

And the bodies of those who have failed, 

Were they piled one onto of the other

Would cast its shadow on the tallest of buildings

You you will not fail

You’ve got this



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